Six Barbies you may still own that are worth up to £65,000

Six Barbies you may still own that are worth up to £65,000

July 21, 2023

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We're Barbie girls in a Barbie world… and we couldn't be more excited that the new film is out today. The release has left many yearning for their childhoods again, simpler times when they could play with and dress up the dolls.

If you do tap into your younger years again and dig out your old Barbies, you may discover that they are now worth thousands of pounds.

The toys are huge collectors favourites and the De Beers Barbie which was released in 1999 is now worth more than £65,000.

Read on if you're curious about just how much your beloved childhood toys could be snapped up for…

The De Beers Barbie

This luxury Barbie sports a gorgeous outfit by Vera Wang. It was released in 1999 to celebrate Barbie's 40th anniversary.

Adding to the chic look, this doll's outfit has more than 160 diamonds in her outfit, an apt and glamorous way to celebrate Barbie.

Now, she is worth up to an eye-watering £65,000- if you have one and want to sell it, you could be in luck.

The original Barbie

She delighted young girls and other children when she was released by Mattel in 1959- the first of her kind. Now, avid toy collectors are very keen on snapping her up.

The original Barbie looks a bit different to the toy we know today, sporting a black and white bathing suit and bright blue eyeshadow- and you can buy her with brunette or blonde hair.

Whilst it might not be the most valuable doll made by Mattel, the doll is still valued at between £800 and thousands of pounds, according to So Sure insurance.

The Pink Diamond Barbie (2013) + Karl Lagerfield Barbie (2014)

The fashionistas among us will probably appreciate these two Barbies. Now, they are worth £12,000 and £8,000.

Pink Diamond Barbie is adorned with a plethora of pink gemstones on her gown and stunning high heels. The beautiful doll also has a crown and a display case for collectors.

Karl Largerfeld Barbie has slicked-back hair, a black suit and fingerless gloves- an homage to the iconic designer. It was worth £135 at first but after the death of the designer in 2019, the value of the doll surged to £8,000.

Midnight Tuxedo Barbie (2001)

Midnight Tuxedo Barbie is still very striking and pretty-although she isn't worth as much as the other collectable dolls.

She is a limited edition released as part of the Official Barbie Collector Club Exclusives. Nowadays, she would fetch £3,800, even though she has 3,000 black Swarovski crystals on her outfit.

The doll has blonde tresses and a long fitted black dress with a strapless bodice. Her outfit also has delicate buttons and feathers at the bottom of the skirt and she wears lavish earrings.

Marie Antoinette Barbie (2003)

The tribute to the French Queen celebrates historical fashion. She dons a large and puffy blue gown complete with bows and gold ties.

There is also lace embroidery and ruffling all over the dress, highlighting the beauty of the outfits of the era.

Designers of the doll even went as far as to give her the late Queen's hairstyle, complete with an elaborate accessory.

Now, she retails for £2,300, not a surprise due to her expensive-looking outfit, makeup and jewellery.

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