Singleton gobsmacked as date demands he pay for her petrol to go for a drink

Singleton gobsmacked as date demands he pay for her petrol to go for a drink

October 22, 2021

First dates can be a tricky business from finding someone with whom you have a spark to figuring out where to go and who pays.

But, some of us have more dramatic stories than others when it comes to going out on the town with a potential partner.

Like one poor bloke who posted on Reddit to explain how his night went from romance to tragedy in the space of five minutes.

Writing in the CasualUK sub-forum, the man shared a screen shot of his conversation and noted: “On the recent subject of entitled dates, she demanded I pay for her fuel to drive INTO SOHO so I could buy her a drink!”

Soho is an area in Central London – parking is very expensive and you need to pay the Ultra Low Emission Zone charge. Meaning that it’s very unusual to drive to Soho.

In the messages, the mans date agreed to meet him at a bar at 6.10pm to which he replied that he would have a drink waiting for her.

She replied: “Ok then. You are gonna pay for my fuel though.”

The man laughed before asking what she meant, to which she said: “I’m taking my car.”

When asked if she was serious, she said she was and he replied: “Lady you are funny.”

In a harsh response she texted him: “So are you. Yes or no, if you are not forget about it then. No long talk.”

Wow. So rude!

The poor bloke replied: “You are an absolute riot. Thank you so much for the entertainment.

“I’m gonna get days of fun talking about this. No thank you. Jesus.”

Over 12,700 people liked the viral post and hundreds posted their thoughts in the comments.

One person noted: “The way 'she' types and speaks seems off and driving into Soho?

“With Ulez, congestion and parking would probably end up being way more than the fuel costs if she was in driving distance of Soho anyway.”

“Guarantee there was no car and they were just trying to fleece OP for money,” added another.

While a third wrote: “This was a scam 100% sorry bro.”

Another added: “Even if someone offered to pay for fuel I'd have thought the tube/bus is so much more preferable to the headache of driving in and parking.”

“I can’t work out why she’s single…” laughed a jokester.

But, not everyone was so outraged as one man commented: “I'd imagine a considerate date would pay for her parking overnight, a taxi home and a taxi back next day to pick up the car. Then for the petrol for the return journey.

“That would be the mark of a real gentleman.”

What do you think – would you have agreed to pay up? Tell us in the comments…

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