Shocking messages men have sent on dating apps

Shocking messages men have sent on dating apps

April 15, 2022

And that’s why you’re single! Instagram account reveals the VERY cutting clapbacks by single women to rude men on dating apps

  • Instagram account @ByeFelipe shares interactions between singletons
  • Bored Panda rounded up uncomfortable messages men have sent women 
  • One man joked about wanting to take advantage after getting his date drunk
  • Another creepy man listed the faults he has experienced with his Tinder matches

Dating apps has made it easy to connect with new people within seconds, but as proven by these shocking exchanges the search for a romantic partner can be fraught with frustrating conversations.

Bored Panda has rounded up a selection of interactions from around the world that have been shared on viral Instagram account @ByeFelipe in the hopes of exposing creepy men ‘who turn hostile when rejected or ignored’. 

One screenshot shows a message from a man who admitted to wanting to take his date out for drinks to ‘take advantage of her’, and she immediately warned him he sounded like a predator. 

 Elsewhere, a woman responded to an unsolicited penis photo, by claiming she’d sent it on to her friends to rate, with one giving a stinging four out of 10. 

Bored Panda has rounded up a selection of viral text exchanges shared on the Instagram account @ByeFelipe – including one person used a meme from Finding Nemo to mock a man who started talking about his penis size 

Red flag! One woman was shocked after her Tinder match listed all the problems he has experienced with women on the app 

Another woman sent an insult to a man who tried to start a sexual conversation within minutes of matching on a dating app 

Stay sober! One man boldly told his match that he wanted to take advantage of her while drunk

One woman infuriated her match on a dating app after he abruptly asked her to send nude photos of herself 

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Verdict is out! A woman, who was repeatedly sent unsolicited nude photos, said she has started sending emojis with a panel of female judges  – with one giving a paltry four out of 10 


One woman began listing parts of the female body after a man complained that she kept ignoring his messages 

Lucky escape! Another woman sent a heated message after a man argued that she should exercise in his first message sent to her 

A man seemed baffled after a woman responded to his conversation starter about foreplay, explaining that men should get consent 

One woman decided to prank a man who failed to hold a conversation before asking her to meet up at his hotel for his own gratification 

Another woman attempted to change the topic of discussion after a man she matched with on a dating app started talking about sex

A man, who lives in Dallas, began fat shaming his match on a dating app because she didn’t want to talk about sexual preferences 

One woman typed a very sarcastic response to a man asking for oral sex in their first messages to each other 

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