‘Sexy’ hairstyle that makes women over 40 ‘look 10 years younger’

‘Sexy’ hairstyle that makes women over 40 ‘look 10 years younger’

April 10, 2023

A hairstyle may take just seconds to create but can make a huge difference to a woman’s whole appearance. Erin Busbee of Busbee Style – an over 40s female lifestyle brand – took to YouTube to share some simple styles she thinks will make women look 10 years younger.

The right haircut and colour are essential for women who want to look younger.

But when women leave the hair salon, it’s important they know how to style their hair for that youthful look.

Erin shared her top anti-ageing hairstyles for mid-length and long hair, but stressed that while they are “modern” they are also “age-appropriate”.

She said: “I don’t want to look over the top like I’m trying too hard to look young, but I do want to look modern and youthful. I think hair is a big deal, a very big deal.”

Erin’s first styling tip for women over 40 will take just a few seconds but can make all the difference.

Many women have naturally pin-straight hair but Erin suggested adding a little volume for a “sexier” look.

Instead of wearing the hair “straight like it’s sticking to the head”, use a brush to tease the hair at the crown of your head.

Erin explained that this bouncy look is not only “very simple”, it will “definitely make you look sexier and more youthful”.

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Bouncy, voluminous hair is very flattering on the face and can be very face-framing, whereas with pin-straight hair women can run the risk of dragging their features down.

To achieve this look, Erin urged women to tease their hair gently so as not to damage it or cause breakage.

In just a few seconds, women can look “more vibrant and so much more youthful”.

To hold it in place all day, the influencer recommended using a touch of hairspray.

The influencer’s next hairstyle for women over 40 was the half-up, half-down do.

An easy alternative to the “stick-straight, ageing hairstyle”, Erin showed women how to achieve it in just a few minutes.

Not only is the style “very feminine and pretty”, the half-up element means it’s functional too, as it will not fall over your face.

She told her YouTube viewers to grab the hair at the front of their head – making sure to gently tease it to create a “poof” – and secure it at the back with two bobby pins. Failing this, ladies can use a small hair tie.

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To create extra volume and body, women can gently pull the half-up part of the hair so it’s a little bit raised.

For a “chic” and “polished” finishing touch, Erin recommended taking a small strand from the underside of the ponytail and wrapping it totally around the hair tie until there is no more hair to wrap.

This final touch is “deliberate” and put together but at the same time “super super easy and super super cute”.

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