Scientists have created a MATHS equation to help men orgasm | The Sun

Scientists have created a MATHS equation to help men orgasm | The Sun

April 7, 2023

SCIENTISTS have created a maths equation to help men orgasm.

Men who struggle to finish should make sure they “don't overthink it”, University of Sussex researchers said.

The formula multiplies how turned on a man is on a scale of one to 100, and multiplies it by how much stimulation is provided by sex.

This is then subtracted by the amount a man is turned on mentally — how much thinking he is doing.

Dr Konstantin Blyuss said: “We have developed the first successful mathematical model of sexual performance.

"A key finding is that too much psychological arousal early in the process can inhibit the chance of reaching climax.

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"Simply put, our findings can be summarised as 'don't overthink it'."

Erectile problems affect one in five men in the UK, equivalent to around 4.3million blokes.

Men fail to orgasm every one in 20 times they have sex on average, which can lead to frustrations between both partners and with conceiving.

The study, published in the journal Chaos, analysed data from previous research to come up with an orgasm equation.

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Researchers looked at two different aspects of arousal: mental and physical.

They fed hundreds of thousands of numbers into a supercomputer for a week to come up with the formula.

When a man is most turned on and sexual stimulation is at its highest, with mental stimulation kept low, physical arousal increases rapidly before plummeting, they said.

This trajectory nearly ensures a man has an orgasm, the research team added.

Men should be mentally engaged before sex but not once it has started to prevent overthinking and becoming anxious, the team said.

Dr Yuliya Kyrychko said: “Our findings shed light on a socially taboo subject, which we believe could have useful applications for the clinical treatment of sexual dysfunction. 

“They also provide the general public with a tested formula for improving their sex life.

"With what we have learned from this study, we intend to mathematically model the female sexual response, which is physiologically more complex than the male response.”

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