Savvy woman shares cleaning hack using conkers to replace washing detergent – and even helps with eczema

Savvy woman shares cleaning hack using conkers to replace washing detergent – and even helps with eczema

November 15, 2020

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A savvy woman has shared her very unusual cleaning hack using conkers to clean her clothes.

Instead of the traditional washing detergent, blogger Josephine Becker wanted to use something that was more sustainable, but because trendy soapnuts were more "harmful" she turned to what was readily on her doorstep.

She took to Instagram to share her own tutorial of the process, explaining how to prepare the conkers for use and how to prevent any brown stains appearing on clothes.

The post was well received and even drew comments from some claiming that using chestnuts helped with their eczema.

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Josephine, a climate activist, posted the video montage which shows how she collects the conkers, cuts them up into quarters before soaking them in a jar overnight.

After soaking the liquid collects a foam, which she says is saponins also can found in soapnuts “literally what soap is made of", and then sieves the water to remove any leftovers.

The water is poured straight into the washing machine's drawer which is usually reserved for washing detergent or washing powder.

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She claims that using this process has meant her clothes have never been cleaner and collects enough conkers for a supply all year round.

She captioned the clip from October: “A tutorial for DIY washing powder from chestnuts that you can collect right now.

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“Trends such as buying soapnuts, which are shipped over from e.g. India, is C02 intensive, harms local populations by driving up prices, appropriating their traditional-used items and is also super unnecessary bc we have our own soapnuts in Europe/N.America."

Some people took to the comments to question the colour of the water but Josephine explained: "The water isn’t brown, might be the filter.

"I know some people add the chestnuts in the wash… but I don’t bc of fear of miscolouring. When you do a white wash, I’d recommend peeling the chestnuts before soaking them in water overnight xx"

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Another asked: "Genuine question – what sort of chestnuts would you then buy for the same purpose when they’re out of season in the UK (like Jan-Sept?) or collect and store them now to use at a later date?"

Josephine responded: "You don't buy them at all 🙂 I put up a post in my story how to store them for year long supply (if you collect them now, go check it out x )"

Others were equally impressed with the cleaning hack, as one shared: "I’ve been doing this for a year and it’s also really good for anyone with eczema/sensitive skin. I am allergic to certain washing powders but I’ve never had any problems using conkers."

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