Sainsbury's and Tesco face calls to pull Coca Cola off the shelves as company stays in Russia amid Ukraine crisis

Sainsbury's and Tesco face calls to pull Coca Cola off the shelves as company stays in Russia amid Ukraine crisis

March 7, 2022

SHOPPERS are calling on UK supermarkets to "do the right thing" and pull Coca Cola products from their shelves.

The drinks giant, which also owns Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes and Dr Pepper, is continuing to operate in Russia despite President Vladimir Putin's assault on Ukraine.

Three Ukrainian supermarket chains have already halted sales of all drinks made by the "shameless" company.

But customers want British stores to follow suit in solidarity and strip them from the aisles here.

Addressing Sainsbury's directly, one woman wrote on Twitter: "Pathetic. If you want to make a difference, stop selling Coca-Cola.

"They are still selling to Russia. Russia has cut off water supply to over a million people.

"Do the right thing. #BoycottCocaCola."

Another said: "Coca-Cola should be taken off our shelves at Sainsbury's and Tesco."

And a third, a mum who works as an English tutor, tweeted: "My nine-year-old came with me to do the family shop at Sainsbury's.

"He refused to buy any Appletiser from the Coca-Cola company as he said, 'it's just the right thing to do Mum'."

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The Sun understands no UK supermarket has yet banned any of Coca-Cola's brands – which include Monster, Oasis, Smart Water, Innocent and Powerade – but other products have been.

Sainsbury's last week revoked all products that are fully sourced from Russia.

The move means Brits can no longer buy Russian Standard vodka and Karpayskiye black sunflower seeds from any store or online.

The chain joined the Co-op which was the first UK supermarket group to remove Russian-made vodka from sale in response to the crisis.

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Sainsbury's has also renamed one of its chicken dishes in a mark of respect to the city at the heart of the conflict.

The Chicken Kiev will become Chicken Kyiv in the coming weeks to reflect the Ukrainian spelling.

Tanks first rolled over Ukraine's borders two weeks ago after Putin ordered his long-feared invasion.

The Russian President declared that the neighbouring nation "belongs to Russia" as he followed through on promises to seize territory given up by the country in the fall of the Soviet Union.

Ukraine has been in resistance ever since, with Nato countries and others placing sanctions on Russia in order to deteriorate the country's economy.

The Sun has contacted 24 UK food and drink retailers to confirm their position.

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