Sainsbury's and Home Bargains are selling unicorn chocolate – and they look magical

Sainsbury's and Home Bargains are selling unicorn chocolate – and they look magical

January 27, 2022

WHEN you thought the unicorn craze couldn't possibly result in more products, Sainsbury's and Home Bargains launch edible unicorn chocolates.

The bars taste of white and pink chocolate and are covered in sprinkles, making the treats look all the more magical.

Each bar at Sainsbury's weighs a total 120 gram and is recommended to serve four people.

This is understandable as each bar contains almost 670 calories.

But the bars, which can be found in Sainsbury's stores as well as online as spotted by Instagram account NewfoodsUK, are pretty expensive at £2.50 per bar.

The good news is that the chocolate bars at Home Bargains are cheaper at only 99p, although these packs are also smaller at 80 gram.

These bars are available in Home Bargains' stores from now, as spotted by Instagram account Kev's snack reviews.

Similarly to the unicorn chocolate at Sainsbury's, it tastes of white chocolate but the firm told The Sun it could not give any calorie details.

You can find even cheaper unicorn treats at Asda, which is currently selling unicorn coins made of milk chocolate for 59p, but each pack only weighs 60 gram.

In fact, unicorns have boomed in popularity over the last few years, and we've seen thousands of new products launch ever since.

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For example, Jammie Dodgers were recently given a magical makeover with a new limited edition blackcurrant filling and now come in unicorn and dinosaur editions.

Last month, Asda also took it one step further by launching a unicorn witch cake for Halloween.

Or if you want something even more extreme, you can now get unicorn meat cupcakes and fans are going wild.

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