Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Felicity Jones Hung Out in Coordinated Ensembles

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Felicity Jones Hung Out in Coordinated Ensembles

December 15, 2018

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court justice, feminist icon, and all-around notorious badass, was once skeptical that actress Felicity Jones, who plays her in the new biopic On the Basis of Sex, could emulate her distinctive Brooklyn accent. (Jones grew up near Birmingham, England.) She told director Mimi Leder as much when she met the actress for the first time last August, according to a profile of Jones in Vanity Fair in September (by the writer of the Notorious RBG).

Well, she couldn’t have been too displeased with the outcome, because not only has Ginsburg now seen the movie three times (her review: “magnificent”), as Leder told MSNBC earlier this week, she has continued to hang out with Jones, as well as her castmates Armie Hammer, who plays Ginsburg’s late husband Marty Ginsburg, and Justin Theroux, who plays Mel Wulf, then the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union. (It probably helped that Jones not only studied her accent, but also adopted her specific gait and wore caps on her teeth and colored contacts to turn her green eyes grey.) They met up in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Jones and Ginsburg coordinating in very tactile monochrome looks.

As much as Ginsburg seems to be a fan of the movie, its younger stars are, if anything, even more worshipful of the justice herself. Jones described her as “a bit like Mick Jagger” during a recent Q&A after a screening of the film, according to New York magazine; Theroux noted her black mink coat while Jones added that she wore snakeskin boots. (Not to mention her enormous scrunchie collection.) Sounds like a rock star. Earlier this week, Theroux and Hammer each posted Instagram selfies with the justice, Theroux’s cheekily captioned “new couple alert” with the red siren emoji; Jones doesn’t have a public Instagram account, but she plays Ginsburg in the movie, which is probably better than a selfie.

It’s so kind of the 85-year-old legend to entertain these young fans while they’re in town. Aspiring young lawyers need nurturing.

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