Russell Stover Is Releasing A CHURRO Marshmallow Egg For Easter

Russell Stover Is Releasing A CHURRO Marshmallow Egg For Easter

February 20, 2019

With the exception of maybe May, June, and August (and if I’m wrong, please correct me), there is at least one holiday or observance appropriate for themed candy every month of the year. In April, that holiday is usually Easter — and this year, Russell Stover has gifted us with something marvelous: A churro-flavored marshmallow egg. It is officially called the Russell Stover Cinnamon Sugar Churro Egg, and, well… let’s just say that it’s been a long, long time since I’ve coveted an Easter basket filler as fervently as I do this one.

With a history stretching back to the 1920s, Russell Stover candies — specifically chocolate candies — have been a mainstay of candy-centric holidays like Valentine’s Day for many a year. The marshmallow eggs that emerge every spring for Easter, though, are always big hits; there’s something about the crisp candy shell and squishy marshmallow inside that just really does it for people. But while there’s no denying the appeal of a classic vanilla marshmallow dunked in chocolate, the variations on the theme are always exciting — and, I mean, a “cinnamon sugar churro flavored marshmallow with real cinnamon in a candy coating” sounds like quite the treat. That’s how the Cinnamon Sugar Churro Egg describes itself on its wrapper, according to pictures surfacing on social media, and… I want it.

Of course, it’s worth noting that churros aren’t always covered with cinnamon and sugar. In regions known for their churros in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal, they might be served up any number of different ways — dipped in chocolate or dulce de leche, for example, or filled with guava, or even salted with cheese. In the United States, though, where churros have become a popular fair and amusement park food (hi there, Disney), the cinnamon sugar variation is the most popular — hence the Russell Stover marshmallow riff taking on the same flavor profile.

And the marshmallow eggs do apparently taste just like cinnamon sugar-coated churros. Said YouTuber Tami Dunn in a video review published on Feb. 10, “They did an excellent job with it. It has a good sugar-cinnamon ratio — they didn’t overdo it on the cinnamon. It’s delicious.” Food Instagrammer The Snack Whisperer kept their review a little simpler, describing the treat as full of “cinnamon-y, marshmallow-y, churro-y goodness” and “so good [I] went back for more.”

The eggs are a little difficult to find online right now; then again, that’s probably to be expected — with Valentine’s Day over, we can expect most online retailers to be preoccupied with St. Patrick’s Day at least until the start of March, if not a bit later. (My guess is that we will start seeing more Easter- and Passover-related things popping up before St. Patrick’s Day actually happens, due to the whole holiday creep phenomenon, but probably not so much before the end of February.) Not even Russell Stover’s own website has them listed yet, which is somewhat impressive when you consider the huge amount of eggs that are already currently available over there. Bustle reached out to Russell Stover for more information, but received no answer by press time.

However, if you’re willing to make a trip to a brick-and-mortar store, you might have a bit more luck. According to the Impulsive Buy, one of their readers found the Cinnamon Sugar Churro Egg at Walgreens; Tami Dunn, meanwhile, snagged one from CVS. Other pharmacy chains that carry Russell Stover products (so, uh, just about all of them) might also be worth checking.

Spring might not have sprung yet, but it undoubtedly will soon. The first official day of spring is just a month away, and Passover and Easter are both just a month after that. Here’s to the season to come!

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