Rob Roth Unleashes A ‘Futuristic Vibe’ In The Video For His Electric Breakup Bop ‘Breathe Into My Heart’

Rob Roth Unleashes A ‘Futuristic Vibe’ In The Video For His Electric Breakup Bop ‘Breathe Into My Heart’

April 14, 2022

What do androids dream of when dealing with a broken heart? It probably looks like pop-EDM singer-songwriter Rob Roth’s electric video, which ‘blends my different influences’ into one enjoyable romp.

While basking in the glow of countless neon lights, Rob Roth ponders how he got to this space alone at the start of his new music video. With a guitar in hand, he strums a few chords and sings a few lines — “Walkin’ in my past / See the concrete blockin’ every path / Over and over again / Been runnin’ through the haze” – until the beat drops. With a flash of light (note: strobe warning), the pop-EDM singer’s song elevates as “Breathe Into My Heart” takes Rob on a futuristic tour through his mind. The video, premiering here on HollywoodLife, is minimalistic in execution but max in thought and concept.

“I wanted to do a similar thing with the video as what I am trying to do with my music,” Rob shares with HollywoodLife, “which is to blend my different influences.  With ‘Breathe,’ I attempted to capture an electronic/futuristic vibe with the acoustic singer-songwriter vibe.  You’ll see parts of the video that include dance backdrops with strobing lights but also the softer, slower feel of an acoustic song.  Having those contrasts help the video ‘Breathe’ a bit throughout.”

“Breathe Into My Heart” comes from Rob’s 2022 EP, Sink or Swim, a five-track project containing “Headlines.” Earlier in 2022, Rob teamed with lost. and Pop Mage for “Power Over Me” and “Breaking Me,” songs that both have 73k+ and 60k+ streams on Spotify alone. These songs follow a prolific 2021 for Rob, which saw him release a handful of tracks and collabs. Not bad for a man who took his first vocal lesson in the summer of 2019.

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Rob’s initial passion was sports, but after a litany of surgeries – two torn ACLs, two herniated discs, and a torn ligament in his wrist – he decided to reconnect with his love of music. The surgeries also instilled in Rob a sense of optimism and positivity, a message he puts into his music. After working with Robert “RAab” Stevenson, he has quickly become one of the brightest shining stars on the pop scene and certainly one to watch in the coming months. With more than 18 songs under his belt, this prolific talent is full of promise and creativity. Meaning that you won’t have to hold your breath that long before he drops another song.

Rob’s Upcoming Shows: 

Triad Theater (Sat April 30th @930PM)

Breaking Sound @ Kobrick Coffee (Thurs May 19th)

Rockwood Music Hall (Sunday, June 5th @ 9PM)  

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