‘RHOD’ Reunion Preview: Brandi Cries As She Finally Addresses Her Husband’s Alleged Cheating — Watch

‘RHOD’ Reunion Preview: Brandi Cries As She Finally Addresses Her Husband’s Alleged Cheating — Watch

May 11, 2021

In this EXCLUSIVE preview of Part 2 of the ‘RHOD’ reunion, Brandi Redmond confesses she’s very ‘disappointed’ in her husband’s recent actions.

It looks like Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion is going to be a real tearjerker! Not only does Brandi Redmond address the horrific car accident that took the life of her mother-in-law in October 2020, but she also finally breaks her silence on her husband, Bryan’s, alleged cheating.

“Your mother-in-law [Jill Marie Redmond] was killed in a tragic car accident, and your daughter, Brinkley, was in the car. What happened there?” reunion host Andy Cohen asks Brandi in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the May 11 episode of the series.

“They went out to see my sister-in-law’s kids and they were leaving her neighborhood, and they were hit by an 18-wheeler,” Brandi says, as her eyes become teary-eyed. “And they were drug, and the car flipped, and then the 18-wheeler fell on top of them and completely smooshed the car. She died from what we know — on impact — and Brinkley, by the grace of God, made it and it’s crazy because she’s perfect. She had some broken bones and a little bit of scratches. They don’t even know how she survived, but she did.”

Andy and the rest of the housewives are surprised by what they hear, as they wipe tears from their own eyes and say, “wow”.

Andy then moves on to another heavy topic that Brandi dealt with recently, and that’s her husband’s alleged cheating. “As if that wasn’t enough, a video was making its rounds on social media and in the press about your husband Bryan — um, it shows him in a club with another woman. How have you been since that video came out?” Andy asks Brandi.

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“You know, I’m disappointed,” Brandi begins. “I’m aware of when that happened. It was in Las Vegas during a dual bachelor and bachelorette party for my sister and brother-in-law.”

“How long ago was the video from?” Andy then asks, to which Brandi says, “It was 2018. But, I’m extremely disappointed.” And before she goes on anymore, she breaks down in tears and says, “Sorry”.

Want more? Part 2 of the RHOD reunion airs on Tuesday, May 11 at 10:00pm ET/PT.

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