Revealed: Details of Meghan Markle's NYC Baby Shower, Including a Cotton Candy Machine and A-List Guests

Revealed: Details of Meghan Markle's NYC Baby Shower, Including a Cotton Candy Machine and A-List Guests

February 21, 2019

There was a lot of speculation over whether Meghan Markle would have a baby shower or not. The Duchess of Sussex, who is expecting her first baby sometime in late April or early May, isn’t known for following every single royal rule. While there are no strict guidelines on whether royal family members are allowed to have baby showers, most women opt not to have them. They can afford to buy themselves everything they need for the baby, right?

Baby showers are a much more popular tradition in the United
States than they are in the U.K. That’s why it makes total sense that
American-born Markle would fly back to NYC for her baby shower – which isn’t
quite breaking the royal
tradition. What was her baby shower like? Here’s what we’ve found out so

Meghan Markle’s baby shower festivities kicked off early

Details about the royal baby shower were leaked to the press days in advance of the event, making every bit of increased security necessary and valid. The official event took place at The Mark Hotel. However, in the days leading up to it, Markle was spotted in several places around Manhattan having meals and shopping. The Duchess of Sussex was catching up with old friends who she hasn’t seen since moving overseas.

Fans spotted Meghan Markle
having lunch at The Surrey and tea with her friends at The Polo Bar earlier in the

What was the royal baby
shower like?

Sources who were lucky enough to be inside The Mark Hotel
report seeing quite a few special details of Meghan Markle’s shower.
One source told US
Weekly, “There were cotton candy machines being brought in earlier this
morning. The same security who has been escorting Meghan in and out of the
hotel was helping bring them in the side door.”

Another insider provided
details about the decor, “There were floral arrangements being brought in on a
rolling dolly in all the colors of the rainbow. Blue, white, pink and purple
hydrangeas, craspedias, yellow and pink roses, and many others that are covered

Who was at Meghan Markle’s
baby shower?

Attendees of the party included Amal Clooney, Gayle King, Jessica Mulroney, and Lindsay Roth. French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten was in charge of providing food and desserts for the event.

The event called for tightened security all around. As one source told US Weekly, “There are around 80 to 100 fans and paparazzi waiting behind the barricades all around the front entrance of The Mark. The security is walking around the barricades of fans, paparazzi [and] journalists looking at everyone.”

Where was Prince Harry during the baby shower?

One person who wasn’t at the baby shower? Meghan
Markle’s husband, Prince Harry. In modern times it’s more and more common to
have coed baby showers, but the Duke of Sussex chose to sit this one out.

Instead, he spent the past few days attending events
like the “Fit and Fed” initiative, which helps provide school children with
healthy lunches. Having him attend the baby shower with her would have been
even more chaotic.

The couple is preparing to leave on their royal
visit to Morocco later this month.

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