Prince Harry inspires royal fans to ‘delete social media’ – ‘huge global influence’

Prince Harry inspires royal fans to ‘delete social media’ – ‘huge global influence’

November 10, 2021

Prince Harry says he warned Twitter CEO ahead of January 6 riots

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On the same day Prince Harry appeared at the summit, online searches for ‘social media abuse’ skyrocketed by 280 percent globally. Harry joined Stanford Internet Observatory Technical research manager Renee DiResta and Aspen Commission on Information Disorder co-chair and Color Of Change president Rashad Robinson for the talk. They were also joined by the Wired editor-at-large, Steven Levy.

During the event, Harry warned that misinformation is a “global humanitarian crisis”.

He said: “I lost my mother to this self-manufactured rabidness.

“And obviously I’m determined not to lose the mother to my children to the same thing.”

Harry referred to comments he made about the Duchess of Sussex in his mental health documentary series earlier this year that “they won’t stop until she’s dead”.

The Duke added: “It was more of a warning, not a challenge.”

Harry lashed out at the British press during the virtual event.

He also said he and Meghan are not on social media and will not join any platforms until things change.

The Duke added that the internet is “being defined by hate, division and lies”.

Harry, who was listed as the co-founder of Archewell at the event, works at think tank ‘The Aspen Institute’ and looks into misinformation and disinformation in the media.

New research from Trusted Reviews revealed online interest in ‘social media abuse’ rose to more than double the average volume on November 9.

This was an unprecedented spike in people Googling social media abuse, according to Google Trends analysis.

The data also showed online searches for ‘delete social media’ and ‘misinformation’ skyrocketed by 150 percent the same day.

Alistair Stevenson, tech editor at Trusted Reviews commented on the findings exclusively for

Alistair said: “Online misinformation has been rife since the invention of social media, and it has been growing forcefully in the past few years.

“Prince Harry’s call for the world to take action against trolling and social media abuse comes from a very personal place.

“It is very telling, given his own painful experience of being a target of misinformation – and of watching those close to him experience this, for example, with his mother Princess Diana and later his wife Meghan Markle.

“It is interesting to see the link between Prince Harry’s revelation on November 9 that neither he nor his wife: the Duchess of Sussex are on social media, and the fact that searches for ‘delete social media’ exploded by 150 percent the same day.

“Given Prince Harry’s huge global influence, his speech on the dangers of social media abuse and misinformation may well have led people across the globe to reflect on and reconsider their relationship with social media.”

Harry’s appearance comes after Meghan spoke at The New York Times’ DealBook online summit on how women can achieve economic and professional parity earlier on Tuesday.

It was announced last week that Harry would be taking part in the misinformation event.

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