Plus size woman shows off belly in low rise skirt and says ‘I’m still cute’

Plus size woman shows off belly in low rise skirt and says ‘I’m still cute’

January 31, 2023

A plus size woman has hit back at fat-phobic people who make fun of her appearance.

Jessica Blair posts on social media to normalise different body types and wears low-cut trousers to show off her belly.

In one video, she puts on a crop top and a high-waisted skirt and frowns as she says: "Wearing an outfit but something feels off…"

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Then she sighs and pulls down her skirt to her hips – giving a full view of her stomach – before dancing to an uplifting tune.

She smiles and says: "Low waisted skirt!"

Jessica also likes to wear low-cut jeans and takes fashion inspirations from the early 2000s fashion trends.

But haters criticised her and told her that she "should hide" her stomach.

"She makes me want to quit food," one wrote and another called her a "trash bag", saying her looks were "not flattering".

The fashion lover responded and said she was trying to challenge the meaning of "flattering".

She recreated some of her favourite fashion runway looks using plus size clothes – from a one-shoulder crop top to flare jeans and a skinny scarf.

Jessica refused to let the negative comments stop her to wear what she wants.

She explained: "People love to assume that I've had a surgery or a child that I'm just keeping a secret from everyone for some reason, but if you guys want to know the real truth, this is just what my body looks like!

"Despite how many people think I 'should' hate myself, or I 'should' hate my body, I don't because different body types and structures exist and none of them are something to be ashamed of.

"I may not have society's ideal body but I'm still cute and I'm still gonna rock low-rise outfits."


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