Plan a Party and Kiss Your Crush, Because Leo Season Is Finally Here

Plan a Party and Kiss Your Crush, Because Leo Season Is Finally Here

July 21, 2022

On July 22, the Sun enters its favorite sign, and Leo season 2022 begins! The Sun represents vitality, energy, and creativity, so this is always a very vibrant time of year! The summer party is in full swing now, especially for fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries, while fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius have a hectic Leo season ahead.

Whatever your Sun sign, this is a month when you’re able to shine bright. You’re radiating personality, oozing charisma, feeling super-creative, and you want nothing more than to have fun! Leos hate the rules and always want to play, so embrace your inner Leo and have a ball! It’s all about unapologetic self-expression. If you like something, do it as much as you can! Write, paint, draw, or dance. If you like someone, start flirting with them. Everyone is feeling especially frisky right now, after all!

Here’s the problem—Leo can be a little self-centered. You’re so occupied with your interests and doing your thing that you have a really tough time understanding if others aren’t interested, too—you might think that they’re rejecting you, or trying to shit on your day. On the other hand, they could feel the same way about you! The key to getting through this Leo season is perspective. Do what you love, but remember that just because someone else doesn’t love it, doesn’t mean that they’re against you. The world doesn’t revolve around you, after all!

The first week of Leo season 2022 is splendid, thanks to help from Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. It’s a great time to shoot your shot, start a new job, or embark on a new project. August 14 reeks of rejection, though. Saturn, the planet of restriction, is raining on everyone’s parade and making it a pretty tough day, so if you’re thinking about asking someone out, do it before then!

Overall, Leo season is fun above all else! Even on your worst day, Leo season’s vibes are helping you to throw a little glitter on everything. You’re experiencing immense personal growth, expressing yourself unapologetically, and shining bright like the star you are!

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscopes for Leo season 2022:


It’s love! Leo season is lighting up your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, so it goes without saying that you are getting puh-lenty of action this month. No, you’re not necessarily meeting the love of your life, but that’s okay, because you’re having tons of fun fooling around!


Spruce up your place! Put a lil Leo season ~drama~ and ~flair~ into your space—redecorate, buy some new furniture, or just rearrange everything to get the perf vibe. Make your house somewhere that truly feels like home, and when you’re done, invite your crew over for a fun get together!


Your fav pick-up lines are working better than ever, your phone is blowing up 25/8, and it feels like everyone wants to get to know you! This Leo season is all about connecting with people—old and new—and making experiences with them. Take your crew out, or surprise your boo with a fancy date night, and make this Leo season one to remember!


Life’s getting “back to normal” now that Cancer season is over, and you’re settling back into your routine. However, there are a few opportunities at work coming up that you should really take advantage of. You’re staying busy this month, but if you work hard, do your best, and take advantage of opportunities as they come to you, you could end up with a fat bonus or even a raise.


Happy birthday! This month is giving you some major main character energy, and what you say, goes. What do you want? Who do you want? Find a goal, figure out how you’re going to get there, and start working towards it! The things you set out on now will certainly have long-term importance.


You’re getting the short end of the stick this Leo season, Virgo. You’re not doing a whole lot of partying or going out, but that’s because this month’s astro is urging you to take a step back, give yourself some alone time, and work on yourself. Ex-friends, partners, or jobs are coming back around, and you’re being given an opportunity to move past them, find closure, and clean your plate. That way, you can have a kick-ass Virgo season in a month!


You’re feeling more popular than ever! Your social life is thriving, you’re spending all your time with your besties, and when they’re not around, you’re making new pals around every corner. You’re used to being the cheerleader friend, but this month, everyone is cheering you on, and you’re loving every second of it.


Alright Scorpio, all eyes are on you right now, especially at work. This is an important month for your development on the job, and everything you do is being looked at with a keen eye. That means that for every success, everyone at the office will be celebrating with you, but every failure will be equally as recognized. No pressure, just do your best!


Screw the rules, Sagittarius, you’re doing your own thing this month! Be spontaneous, take an impromptu trip, or introduce yourself to some new friends at your favorite bar. This Leo season is all about broadening your horizons by meeting new people, doing new things, and going to new places—all of your favorite things! You’re becoming a more well-rounded person.


Focus on who matters most to you this Leo season. How can you deepen your connection with them? How can you become more intimate with them? How can you make life in the bedroom more steamy and erotic? This month is all about strengthening those deep connections and truly committing to your partner.


It’s cuffing season! The Sun in Leo is activating your chart’s relationships zone so this is the ideal time of year to get boo’d up. Get back on the dating apps, hook up, or go out on a date or two. If you’re already with someone, this is an especially good time for DTRing or tying the knot.


This month is all about tidying up your whole life. Clean your house, run those errands, and take care of everything at work. The more productive you can be, the better. But more importantly, you need to rejuvenate your self-care routine, Pisces! Get active, start a meditation practice, just do anything you can do to take care of yourself in a practical way—the healthy habits you set now will last!

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