Pink Debuts Stunning New Song ‘Walk Me Home’ Ahead of 2019 Album Release

Pink Debuts Stunning New Song ‘Walk Me Home’ Ahead of 2019 Album Release

February 20, 2019

Leave it to Pink to tug at our heartstrings. The singer just released her first single of 2019 & it’s a total tear-jerker. Listen here.

Pink knows how to pen one hell of a ballad, and her latest is one for the books. The 39-year-old singer dropped a new track, “Walk Me Home,” on Feb. 20, and it’s gorgeous display of her vocal abilities! The song is all about finding someone “good” in the world, when so much bad is going on, and not wanting to be without that person.  “Walk me home in the dead of night / I can’t be alone with all this on my mind / Say you’ll stay with me tonight / Because there is so much wrong going on outside,” she sings on the track.

The news gets even better! Before releasing the song, Pink revealed there will be a video component as well! During a Feb. 6 appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Pink dished the details of all her forthcoming music. The pop singer said she plans to shoot a new music video ahead of the release of “Walk Me Home.” “I’m shooting a video in a week, I think, with Michael Gracie, the director from Greatest Showman. I’m really excited about that,” the star shared. “He’s amazing.” It sounds like the video will be amazing as well!

“Walk Me Home” is just the start. Fans of Pink can look forward to a full-length album in 2019 as well, according to the singer herself! During her appearance on Ellen, she teased the record. “I have a new album, Hurts to Be Human. “And I think it comes out in April,” she said, in her chat with the talk show host. The new album will mark her first since 2017’s Beautiful Trauma.

Listen to Pink’s enchanting new song above! The talented singer never disappoints, and with a full record on the way, we’re waiting with bated breath!

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