Photos Of Simone Biles And Her Family

Photos Of Simone Biles And Her Family

February 18, 2022

You may have heard the news already, but in case you were late to the party, your favorite gymnast is getting married!

Simone Biles and NFL player Jonathan Owens announced their engagement after he proposed to her on Valentine’s Day. The lovebirds, who’ve been dating for nearly two years, are set to become Mr. and Mrs., a family, soon enough. But before that happens, the most decorated gymnast is likely celebrating with her actual family.

Biles has a tribe of supportive and loving people behind her and we sometimes catch glimpses of them on the sidelines. For those who don’t know her story, she and younger sister Adria (she has two other biological siblings named Tevin and Ashley) were adopted by her grandparents Nellie and Ronald Biles at the age of six. Her grandparents had two teen children of their own at the time, Ron Jr. and Adam Biles. She regards them as her siblings, too.

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As for Tevin and Ashley, they were adopted by Ronald’s sister. Before being taken in to both homes, Simone and her siblings spent some time in foster care, so their being adopted by their grandparents and aunt helped create a more stable environment for them. 

We are glad Simone has loving support from all sides, including from her soon-to-be husband. As we celebrate her preparing for this next chapter in her life, see a few candid photos of the gymnast with her family, who’ve been there and celebrated her all along. 

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