Phase Eight heeled sandals hailed as a ‘godsend’ for easing bunion pain – and they’re half price

Phase Eight heeled sandals hailed as a ‘godsend’ for easing bunion pain – and they’re half price

July 7, 2023

There’s nothing more irritating than finding a really gorgeous pair of shoes, only to discover that they cause rubbing or pressure on your feet, particularly if you already struggle with bunion pain.

Bunions are caused by prolonged pressure on your big toe that forces it towards your second toe, causing the joint to protrude. Usually caused by tight fitting or pointed toe shoes, they can cause rubbing and make finding shoes that don’t aggravate it a struggle.

Wearing heels when you have bunions can often be tricky, as the extra pressure on the area can be uncomfortable, making them difficult to wear over long periods of time. Thankfully, one pair of Phase Eight heels has been lauded as a ‘godsend’ when it comes to easing bunion pain without having to give up on wearing some stylish heels.

The black Phase Eight Plaited T Bar Heeled Sandals, £49.50 here (was £99), feature a stunning plaited strap design that goes across your toes, arches, and your ankles to provide balanced support and spread the pressure points across your foot.

The T-bar design and strap across the arch help to alleviate some of the pressure and pain that can occur on the sides of your toes when you have bunions by supporting your foot all the way up.

With a block heel that measures 8cm high for added support and stability, the Phase Eight heels are definitely going to become one of your go-to pairs thanks to their combination of comfort and style. The sandal style design also makes them the ideal summer heel as your feet will stay cooler.

One wearer of the heels told us: "I have very large bunions and it's almost impossible to find heels that offer enough support to be comfortable, and also where they rub. These T-bar sandals are a godsend as the cross bars fit around my bunions, making them super comfortable to wear all day. And they looks super cute too!"

The Phase Eight heels also come in a light beige shade, also costing just £49.50 here, that are perfect for wearing with lighter coloured dresses and trousers for a softer, more neutral look.

Made from real leather, the T-bar Heeled Sandals should withstand the test of time, with the leather also moulding to your feet for added comfort and support.

Although only available in size 4 on the John Lewis website here, the heels are available directly from the Phase Eight website in sizes 3-8, and are now half price in the sale, costing£49.50 hererather than the original price of £99.

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