People share snaps of outrageous gender reveal parties

People share snaps of outrageous gender reveal parties

October 20, 2021

Oh boy! Hilarious snaps reveal outrageous gender reveal parties that completely missed the mark

  • Hilarious snaps show tacky decisions at gender reveals from around the world
  • A family insinuates that babies are either born policemen or makeup-loving girls
  • Another chose unsettling adult-sized blow up babies to celebrate their child
  • One parents tries to signify gender by displaying hot dog and a taco toys

Gender reveal parties can be a fun way to announce exciting news to loved ones, but as the trend becomes ever more popular, some of the outlandish celebrations are taking things a bit too far. 

Hilarious snaps from across the globe collated by Bored Panda show how some parents are embarassing their offspring before they’re even born. 

From a failed smoke reveal that showed neither pink nor blue to a tacky cake with the words ‘we’re here for the sex, social media users have shared hilariously cringey snaps of gender reveals gone wrong.

Elsewhere, a car crashed into a shop’d window with words written on the hood that read ‘it’s a boy’, while another snap shows the questionable use of a hot dog toy to signal the upcoming arrival of a baby boy.  

Oh mother! The clues were there in the pink balloons, dress and banner, so let’s hope nobody was too confused when black smoke emereged at this gender reveal party in the US 

Clucking hell! Although this cake with rubber ducks is  fairly cute, the allusion to swear words might not be ideal for a family party 

Let’s hope nobody gets the wrong idea! One mother-to-be was not impressed when her husband came home from the cake shop with this offering  

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 One US partygoer was not impressed by the focus on genetalia at this unusual gender reveal 

This poor dog from Pennsylvania not only got dyed blue (and badly) but then seemed to have been abandoned afterwards

Well that’s one way to make an entrance! This US driver decided that criminal damage was a great way to celebrate the coming of a child

According to this American parent, their child will either like violent and dangerous machinery or sparkly things…

Holy smoke! While this cake might be an attempt at a joke, the relevance of marijuana and babies doesn’t quite seem to add up

These terrifying monstrosities from the US are not only hideously for a gender reveal party, but extortionately expensive unless you enjoy nightmares

This American parent clearly has a sense of humour but unfortunately it was misdirected into an odd rendition of children’s genitals 

Yet again, girls are reduced to loving bows and apparently American boys all join the police… interesting

Well at least we know a lot of money didn’t go into this hilariously straight forward pizza reveal 

Apart from the fact that a pasta dish is an odd way to announce the gender of a baby, where is the tomato in this Boston lasagne?

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