People reveal how restaurants gave them literal orders

People reveal how restaurants gave them literal orders

August 16, 2021

Careful what you wish for! Diners reveal the times restaurants took their requests VERY literally – including a pizzeria that served a whole chicken as a topping

  • Diners from around the world have shared requests that were taken very literally
  • One asked for cheese on the side and was given a slice stuck on the bun 
  • Another ordered chicken on a pizza – and was presented with a whole roast bird 

Every customer wants to feel like they are being listened to, but these photos prove that requests can sometimes be taken a little too literally. 

Diners from around the world have taken to social media to share instances where restaurants and waiters followed their instructions to the letter. 

The snaps, which were collated in galleries by Bored Panda and deMilked, include a woman who was served an entire roast chicken on top of her pizza after requesting it as a topping and another woman who was given a smear of sour cream on her taco shell when she asked for it ‘on the side’.

Other examples include a girl who was given a spool of candy floss larger than her after her mother asked for it to be ‘child sized’ and a person who mistakenly asked for a 1in pizza and was delivered exactly that. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples… 

Not a lot to go around: A Taco Bell employee had a joke at a customer’s expense when she asked for sour cream on the side – and smeared just a dollop on the outside of the shell

She’s not complaining! This little girl looked delighted when her mother ordered a ‘child-sized’ swirl of cotton candy at a convention in the US

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Seriously cool: An American Dunkin’ Donuts customer had to laugh when she asked for an espresso on ice – and was given this drink

Hope they weren’t planning to share: A customer ordered two slices of cheese pizza and ‘one pepperoni’, but didn’t think the instruction would apply to the topping

Carbs with a side of carbs: A hungry customer who asked for a breakfast muffin in a bagel was given… exactly that!

True blue! The poster of this hilarious photo wrote: ‘A Customer Jokingly Complained To The Bartender That His Blue Cheese Wasn’t Blue The Last Time He Ordered It’

Getting creative: A customer asked for a sandwich ‘cut in three’ but wasn’t expecting it to come back looking like this… 

A very pricey pizza! A British customer had meant to order a ’10in’ pizza but mistyped their order, so ended up with this tiny 1in serving instead

In the US, people shared instances of when restaurant gave them exactly what they asked for. One embarrassed takeaway enthusiast revealed how he said ‘extra crust’ instead of ‘extra cheese’

One diner asked for a burger with cheese on the side, and was left in stiches when they received a burger, with a sheet of American cheese stuck to the side of their meal 

One person said they didn’t care how their sandwich was cut, leaving whoever made their meals to cut it randomly 

Refreshing! Someone ordered a cherry cola and was left in stitches when theygot more cherries than drink in their glass

A woman revealed how her husband took her heart sign – <3 – as ‘less than three’ and cooked only 2 sausages

In a Thai restaurant, one person ordered extra nuts on their noodles and ended up with a mountain of nuts on their dish

In a Chinese restaurant, a customer asked for extra egg on their egg fried noodles and wad delighted when their dish was covered in it 

On the other hand, one customer who didn’t want cherries in their milkshake didn’t give clear enough instruction and ended up with exactly 86 on his dessert 

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