‘People call me monster due to my extreme ink – wife hates it but I don’t care’

‘People call me monster due to my extreme ink – wife hates it but I don’t care’

October 24, 2022

A dad is used to getting judged because of his extreme tattoos.

Keith Gordon – AKA 'Britain's most tattooed dad' – is stared at in the street due to his £20,000 body art collection.

The 66-year-old, from Hornchurch in Essex, has been gawped at on the school run.

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His devilish inkings, including the word Satan on his eyelid, used to attract a negative response from parents at the Roman Catholic school his kids were enrolled at.

Keith told The Sun: “There are three different reactions – the first is being told, ‘Wow, that’s f***ing brilliant’, the second is being totally ignored and the third is really negative.

“It can range from people staring to being pointed at or laugh at, and then sometimes strangers say things to me too.

“One woman yelled ‘Satan! Satan!’ while holding her fingers up in the shape of a cross and another said, ‘You look like the devil.’"

Keith's own wife of 20 years – Lisa, 50, refuses to walk beside him when he's topless in public.

He admitted: “Lisa doesn’t like my tattoos. She hates them but she accepts they are a part of who I am, even though I’ve been called a monster.

“But whenever I walk around topless in public Lisa doesn’t want to know me, she walks ahead or behind me, and my family disappears. They hate it but I enjoy it.”

Keith, who calls himself the "coolest guy in Essex", was even kicked out of a shop during a trip to Brighton recently.

Back in August, he said: "I couldn't believe he had the audacity to come up to me and comment on how I looked in front of my kids.

"It's my body, my choice and his behaviour was discriminatory in all senses of the word.

"A lot of people look at me aggressively. They look almost saddened and angry but I don't understand why – it's me who's looking like this, not them.

"This member of staff obviously hates tattoos and has a problem with people who have them and he couldn't control himself – it's disgusting.

"I was so angry I went home and complained to the supermarket and thankfully they took the responsibility."

The dad was given an apology and a £20 voucher – but it's unlikely to be the last time he's judged over his appearance.

The former civil servant got his first inkings at 17 years old.

He wasn't keen on the designs he chose as a teen so had skin grafts to remove them four years later.

Keith swerved the tattooists' needle for decades, only returning to the parlour at 52.

The dad-of-three wanted to reinvent himself – and was quickly hooked.

He's since splashed out tens of thousands of pounds inking most of his skin including his legs, torso, face and eyelids.

Despite the mixed response he receives due to his tatts, Keith has no regrets.

Previously, he said: "Part of being different is dealing with negative comments and ignorant people – but overall I love the attention."


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