Pensioner who faced being kicked out by his son says he won’t speak to him again

Pensioner who faced being kicked out by his son says he won’t speak to him again

December 8, 2018

A frail pensioner who faced being kicked out by his son will never speak to him again.

Neville Paul, 77, signed over the deeds of his home to Bradley, who tried to evict his dad, calling him “an effing lodger”.

But after a four-day High Court ­hearing the judge found in favour of the father, a retired print worker.

Neville said: “Bradley is a money- ­grubbing bully who took advantage of me. He’s put me through hell.”

Neville’s daughter Luisa, who hasn’t spoken to her brother for a decade, added: “Bradley is his only son but he never wants to see him again.”

In March 2010, Neville transferred the four-bed home in St Albans, Herts, now worth £650,000, to Bradley, 52.

Years later Bradley wanted Neville and his partner Linda out but they refused.

Neville’s lawyer said he may have been worried about inheritance tax and future care home fees and had signed ­papers that his son had presented to him.

The older man was described as having ­“eccentricities” including a fear of using electronic devices or bank cards.

The court was also told Neville, who wore a high vis jacket at the hearing, had lived in a car for two years after ending an earlier marriage in 1998. His lawyer said his client, a dad of four, had been given a hearing aid so he could listen to the evidence properly.

Judge Timothy Bowles described Neville as frail and a “very vulnerable person who would be deeply susceptible to the influence of others”.

Bradley was described as someone who “knows how to get through life without working Monday to Friday”.

Judge Bowles said his evidence was ­“untrustworthy and unreliable”.

Luisa, of Bracknell, Berks, described Bradley as a “very controlling person”, who “took advantage of her father to secure the transfer of the property”.

There will be a further hearing to ­decide who pays the six-figure legal costs.

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