‘Pathetic’ Christmas tree branded a ‘fitting tribute to a miserable 2020’

‘Pathetic’ Christmas tree branded a ‘fitting tribute to a miserable 2020’

November 16, 2020

Shoppers say a feeble Christmas tree put up outside a Macy's store is the perfect symbol of a dreadful 2020.

The Cincinnati outlet tried to raise spirits by getting their huge tree in place a little earlier than usual.

But it didn't really do the job after images circulated on social media showing the branches looking 'pathetic' and 'sad'.

It was ruthlessly mocked online – with many suggesting it sums up a dreadful year superbly.

Cincinnati Enquirer snapper Cara Owsley took to twitter to say what many people are thinking.

"Not sure what happened to the Christmas tree at Fountain Square but it's the most #Christmas2020 tree ever," she wrote with a photo of the withered branches.

It's been a year to forget and for most of us, 2021 cannot arrive soon enough.

The global pandemic has taken most of the headlines but with the political issues around the globe, many are counting down the days until we can say goodbye to this year.

The photographer wasn't alone in her views about the tree.

"The downtown Cincinnati Christmas tree could not be more on brand for 2020 if it tried" another added.

One user joked: "Even the poor tree has caught the Rona!"

In a cheeky post on Facebook, Fountain Square officials wrote: "2020 has been a rough year for all of us, including our tree!"

It will now be fully decorated ahead of an official lighting ceremony.

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