Pastor turned stripper says Church experience helped her become OnlyFans star

Pastor turned stripper says Church experience helped her become OnlyFans star

October 24, 2021

A pastor quit her Church job to become a stripper – and says her new job is “sacred” too.

While some may assume Nikole Mitchell’s career change was a dramatic one, she has found her feet.

The model, from California, US, quickly built a new community around her.

She has found sex work to be “healing and liberating” and believes she’s helped others too.

Nikole uses her platform to form “emotional connections” with those in need – and has helped to fill voids they have in their lives.

That’s not all – she’s now earning a fortune from adult subscription site OnlyFans and has even moved into a million-dollar mansion.

Nikole said: “I used to preach sermons, now I get paid to take off my clothes.

“And I’ve come to find that sex work and pastoral work have more in common than we realise.

“We are raised in a world that likes to make things either/or. Either something is good or bad, right or wrong, black or white. We are left feeling torn between two choices when we know there must be a better option.

“I’m a preacher-turned-top-Only-Fans-model where I make more money in one month than I used to make in a year. And I live in ‘the middle’.

“I live where sexuality and spirituality collide, where faith and fetishes meet, where self expression and sexual fulfilment come together (no pun intended).”

Nikole continued: “My private site is the most incredible space where both my fans and myself get to bring our whole selves to the table, with no part of ourselves being excluded.

“It is deeply healing and liberating.”

The ex-pastor felt well equipped to give her new followers support and company they may be lacking in their lives.

She explained: “I have been surprised and delighted to find that a lot of the skills I used in the church are the same ones I use in my adult work.

"There is a hunger in humans to be seen, known, and loved.”

Nikole added: “In my church, we sought to meet those needs with social gatherings, family activities, and a bond over similar religious beliefs.

“In my adult work, I seek to meet those needs with an emotional connection, ongoing conversation, and customised content.

“In both situations, I am seeking to meet that hunger within them: for them to be seen, known, and loved. To me that is holy work.

“Work that changes lives.”

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