Parents go crazy for £45 Argos Christmas tree that 6ft tall

Parents go crazy for £45 Argos Christmas tree that 6ft tall

November 23, 2019

Shoppers rave about £45 ‘parasol’ pine from Argos with no lower branches – and declare it perfect for pet owners and parents alike

  • Argos is selling 6ft ‘parasol’ Christmas tree that keeps decorations out of reach
  • Say it’s the perfect pine for parents and pet owners who want keep baubles safe
  • The tree costs £45 and is already in limited stock after people rushed to buy 

Whether you have a curious toddler with a fascination for baubles, or a pet that loves to chew or climb the branches, putting up a Christmas tree need not spell catastrophe. 

Across the UK, customers are rushing to get their hands on a £45 ‘parasol pine’ from Argos ahead of the festivities. 

This 6ft tall tree only has branches on the top half, revealing a slim tree trunk covered in fake snow. It also exists for £30 in a plain green version. 

The trees are now popping on Facebook groups such as Hinch Army Cleaning Tips and Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group with many customers praising the idea. 

Parents and pet owners particularly love the concept, because it keeps their precious baubles safe from curious toddlers or pets. 

The tree is so popular that it already had to be restocked this year, and online stock is now limited. 

This £45 half parasol tree from Argos is proving very popular online, with customers recommending it for parents and pet owners

The snow-dusted version of the tree is its most popular. It costs £45 and has been restocked due to its popularity 

Louise Holbrook also shared a picture of her tree, decorated to her taste, in shades of silver and green 

‘An absolute bargain esp for people with pets or small kids or limited space,’ Christine Rowan, who bought one of the trees, said. 

Others expressed their delight that their little ones and their pets wouldn’t be able to reach the decorations.

Another said they needed one ‘to stop our cats from destroying our tree.’ 

The 6ft tall tree is propped on a metal stand, out of reach from pets and small children. It exists in green, and in a snow-dusted version 

People shared the tree online, recommending it to other shoppers, saying it was great for several type of households

Many people felt the half tree was a great idea for parents of young children as well as pet owners

‘Think we may need this tree to keep Bonnie from chewing the decorations,’ said a dog owner.  

The tree was specially designed for parents with young children and pet owners. 

Its description reads; ‘It starts halfway up, so you’re perfectly placed baubles are out of reach from cats and curious kids.’ 

‘And, if Santa’s been extra generous, there’s plenty of room for piles of pressies underneath. It’s also a great option if you’re a tad tight for space,’ it goes on. 

The silver version is proving extremely popular with costumer, earning itself a 5 out of 5 star rating online, along with glowing reviews. 



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