Parents could spend their £2,000 childcare benefits on play classes, Boris Johnson reveals

Parents could spend their £2,000 childcare benefits on play classes, Boris Johnson reveals

June 1, 2022

PARENTS could soon be able to spend their £2,000 childcare benefits on clubs for their tiny tots – like baby gym and footie classes. 

Boris Johnson revealed he is looking at overhauling rules so struggling families can use the cash more “flexibly”.

Families are entitled to up to £2,000 a year to help with the cost of childminders and nurseries.

But despite bills rocketing to eye-watering levels, around 1 million parents do not take up the cash.

The PM said take-up is “disappointingly low” and he is determined to fix it to help with the cost of living pain.

He told Mumsnet “I am looking at a few things" to ease childcare costs – which are the highest in Europe.

“One is to make it easier to be a childminder – they can make a huge difference 

“The other thing is – can we be more flexible in the way you spend your entitlement to childcare? 

“Things like tumble tots or little kickers –  you can't use childcare funding for but maybe you should be able to in the future?"

He said he wants to “encourage take up by having more flexibility”. 

Boris – who has two young sprogs with wife Carrie and other children – reveals he has been changing lots of nappies after welcoming his baby daughter Romy five months ago.

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Asked how he juggles being a PM with the demands of fatherhood, he said: “The more you put in the more you get out.”

He added: “Carrie obviously does more than I do. I won't conceal that fact from you.

“But I think if you sat her down and interrogated her she would say I do a lot.”

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