Page 3 girl ‘humiliated’ after hackers post filthy vids to her 5.5 million fans

Page 3 girl ‘humiliated’ after hackers post filthy vids to her 5.5 million fans

December 15, 2022
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    A model and influencer is fearing for her career after her Facebook page was hacked – with the person or people responsible posting porn to her army of fans.

    Apollonia Llewellyn, who is also a Page 3 girl known as Barbi, has 5.4 million followers on her business page – which she can no longer access.

    The social media sensation spent years building up her followers and explained how managing the account was her full-time job.

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    Now she is worried her reputation is being tarnished and that her finances will take a hit by having to start a new page from scratch.

    The 23-year-old, from Yorkshire, told us: “This is basically like losing your job, all my partnerships were through there.

    “I probably had that page for a good 10 years working hard to get those followers and sharing it every day.

    “I have travelled to 13 different countries this year to get the best content for my fans to see and I just feel like all is wasted now because I have no page and they [hackers] are posting as if it is me so I think my fans think it is me.”

    The blonde bombshell added: “It happened yesterday evening and I’ve not slept much because I am worried something else will happen.

    “They are on my Facebook, will they now get into my Instagram next? I’ve just been thinking about trying to get it back but it's not been easy.

    “They are posting porn on the stories so they are probably thinking what the hell is she doing. It is humiliating. I wouldn’t post anything like what they posting. It. They have been sharing women doing really weird things.”

    Apollonia has contacted Meta for help but has so far not been able to get a response.

    At the time of publishing, stories on her public business page still featured explicit videos of women having sex, with the viewer asked to “swipe up” to see more.

    She was first made aware about the hacking when somebody asked her about unusual content that was being shared on her Facebook stories.

    And Apollonia believes the hacker was someone who reached out to her on Instagram about advertising work – but she has no idea how they managed to access her account because she never shared her details.

    The model also has 513,000 followers on Instagram while videos on her popular TikTok page have been liked a total of 6.6 million times.

    She is continuing to search for a solution but has claimed it is “impossible” to get support from Meta and Facebook.

    The Yorkshire lass added: “There should always be a contact to help with urgent matters and it’s like going around in circles at the moment.

    “I need my page. I am an influencer and model and to lose over 5 million followers like that is going to have a terrible effect on my work life and my mental health can be deeply affected by this.”

    Daily Star has contacted Facebook and an investigation is underway.


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