Packaging makes up almost HALF of Christmas chocolates and Ferrero Rocher is the worst

Packaging makes up almost HALF of Christmas chocolates and Ferrero Rocher is the worst

December 12, 2018

Of the 13 best-selling boxes of chocolates, Ferrero Rocher Collection was found to be the worst with a whopping 42 per cent of the total weight taken up by packaging.

Even worse, the investigation by Which? found that only 11 per cent of the Ferrero Rocher packaging was recyclable.

Waitrose's Christmas Chocolate Favourites came second with packaging taking up 30.3 per cent of the whole weight and Thorntons Continental Selection third with 29.4 per cent.

But a respective 96 per cent and 86 per cent of the packaging was recyclable, Which? says.

On the other hand, Lindt Lindor Mix only contained 11.5 per cent packaging, with only the individual chocolate wrappers not being recyclable.

Marks & Spencer's The Big One Selection had the least packaging at just 8.5 per cent, although you would only be able to recycle 71 per cent of it.

Which? found you could recycle over 80 per cent of the packaging of the majority of popular chocolate boxes.

Nikki Stopford, director of research and publishing at Which?, said: "For many of us the indulgent look of these festive chocolate boxes is synonymous with the Christmas season.

"We are more aware than ever of the impact that we’re having on the world around us – so we want our research to help people to make the right choices for them."

Ferrero Rocher, Thorntons, Sainsbury's, Cadbury, Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK, Lindt & Sprüngli, Nestlé and Waitrose all responded to Which? following news of the investigation and said they're committed to reducing plastic waste but claimed a certain amount of packaging is necessary to help maintain quality of the product.

A spokesperson for Ferrero Rocher, which also owns Thorntons, commented: "The packaging we use is carefully designed to maintain the freshness and quality that is the hallmark of Ferrero products.

"The box used for Ferrero Collection can be recycled only when the local infrastructure allows to do so but in the UK this is still not available.

"Thorntons Continental packaging has been updated with a new hermetic tray seal, which ensures product freshness and avoids cross flavour tainting from the most intense tastes as Espresso or Sicilian Mousse."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Waitrose said: "All the packaging for this product is widely recyclable apart from the film which is there to protect the chocolates and to prolong shelf life.

"We have removed all (hard to recycle) black plastic from our own label boxed chocolates range and we've recently brought forward our target to make all our own-brand packaging widely recycled, reusable or home compostable from 2025 to 2023."

But it's not just about the waste – shops are also charging up to double the price for chocolate just because it's in Christmas packaging.

Meanwhile, an Amazon shopper slammed the retailer earlier this summer after receiving curtain rod in a box as big as his dining table.

And in this year's October Budget, Chancellor Phillip Hammond pledged to introduce a new plastic tax, which would impose a levy on all packaging that contains less than 30 per cent of recycled items.

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