Optical illusion baffles as it asks you to look at parrot’s eye for 15 seconds

Optical illusion baffles as it asks you to look at parrot’s eye for 15 seconds

February 15, 2022

An optical illusion featuring a parrot is baffling the internet.

The afterimage is a kind of illusion where the images keep appearing even after exposure to the original has ended.

You might have experienced this before if you've looked at something for long and you're able to see it after reverting your gaze.

Contact lenses specialists Lenstore asks people to stare at the parrot's eyes for 15 seconds when the image turns black and white.

After the time is up, there is an afterimage which keeps appearing even after exposure to the original ends.

More specifically the parrot is a negative afterimage; and the colours are reversed from the original.

This is an animated illusion and the effect of the Phi Phenomenon works by presenting a series of still images in quick succession.

This is when the brain then interprets as the image is moving.

Whether you're wearing glasses, contact lenses, or have perfect vision we are all victim of being tricked by optical illusions.

To get an understanding of afterimages you have to know that there are two main types; positive and negative.

Positive afterimages are when the same colour as what you were originally looking at is still seen, even after the stimulus is gone.

This may be due to the light going out or because you have closed your eyes.

You are still able to see the image in its original colours because some cells on the retina continue to send signals to the brain.

In a negative afterimage, the colour you see may be inverted or reversed from the original picture.

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Just like the parrot seen above, you are able to see an image with colours that are the reverse of how the image originally appeared.

This is because the rods and cones, which are part of the retina, get overstimulated and become desensitised.

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