Only people with sharp eyes can spot tiger with dogs in tricky optical illusion

Only people with sharp eyes can spot tiger with dogs in tricky optical illusion

January 4, 2023

Optical illusions are made to baffle the brain.

Tricky brainteasers could leave you scratching your head for hours or even days.

Now if you think you've got what it takes, see if you can solve the latest image which involves a tiger.

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The five-second challenge asks people to find the hidden tiger with players advised to carefully examine the image.

At first glance it might look like an adorable image showing a number of dogs, until you take a second (or third) look.

So can you spot the tiger?

If you're really struggling to find the wild cat, keep looking towards the right side of the image.

We assure you it's not easy to find, the beast is pretty much hiding behind the dogs so it's not right in front of you.

And if you're still finding it hard, just scroll down below to find the answer.

Are you looking for more optical illusions?

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Previously, we challenged people to solve the tricky illusion with a panda hiding among the pills.

Players are asked to solve the brainteaser in 12 seconds and if you do, it's great news for you.

On another occasion, only 45% of people can spot words hidden in this mind-boggling optical illusion.

The illusion has been designed to trick people as it hides a number and a word.

In other news, an optical illusion says a lot about you depending on the first animal you see.

The illusion, first published in Your Tango, shows a photo with nine creatures.

There's a stallion, wolf, rooster, hawk, crab, praying mantis, dog, dove and butterfly.

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