OMG, North West Grabbed a Mic and Performed at Sunday Service

OMG, North West Grabbed a Mic and Performed at Sunday Service

April 8, 2019

How did you spend your Sunday? I accidentally slept in past noon, spent about an hour staring at the wall while willing myself to get up, ordered takeout, and then Netflix and chilled with a glass of wine and my feelings. Meanwhile, 5-year-old North West was out here living her best life at Sunday Service.

North is pretty much a fixture at Kanye West’s weekly church services at this point, but she took things up a notch this Sunday by getting her own personal mic and singing along with Ye’s choir. Honestly, everyone else who is not a 5-year-old musical prodigy can move TF over because North West has ARRIVED.

And yes, Kim Kardashian was there to pull a “you’re doing amazing, sweetie!” and capture the entire thing on camera:

North ⭐️

Incredible, but there’s more. Here’s North moving her microphone stand up front and center like a true legend:

Had to move up front and center 😂⭐️

BTW, if you’re wondering what Sunday Service even is, we have a bunch of info for you right this way. But in a nutshell, Kanye is basically a pastor now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Each week, our man Ye leads an orchestra and choir for a devotional and highly elite service that mainly seems to cater to celebrities. That said, it’s coming to Coachella so get you wrist bands ready.

“This will be my first time ever going to Coachella, and I’m so excited to be a part of it for the first time,” Kim recently told Elle. “And [the church], it’s honestly more like a healing experience for my husband. It’s just music; there’s no sermon. It’s definitely something he believes in—Jesus—and there’s a Christian vibe. But there’s no preaching. It’s just a very spiritual Christian experience.”

The service might be Christian, but Kim says people of all faiths are welcome: “Kourtney’s best friends comes all the time and they’re Muslim. All my Jewish friends came on Sunday; they loved it. Everyone that comes understands it’s just a really healing experience with an amazing choir, and amazing messages about love to start off your week.”


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