Newlywed couple kept calm during first dance as flowers caught fire behind them

Newlywed couple kept calm during first dance as flowers caught fire behind them

January 19, 2023

A shocking video has captured the moment wedding guests rallied together to put out a raging fire ignited during the newlywed couple's first dance.

Sam Alomia and her partner John were waltzing to a romantic song at their wedding in Aklan province, the Philippines, on November 19, when a cold spark fountain set alight a pampas grass display next to the dancefloor.

The pair barely flinched as they took a glance at the base before they decided to carry on dancing as they had "been practising the dance for three days."

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The bride said: "During our first dance together, the most unexpected thing happened when the display caught fire.

"As a chill couple, we just pushed through because we practised and choreographed the dance for three days."

Footage captured by their wedding photographer shows venue staff and guests at a nearby table scrambling to contain the blaze.

The staff member soon dragged away the 6ft long flaming pampas grass and stamped it out in a back room.

Sam said "luckily" the incident was resolved "without any casualties" and that she wasn't going to let anything stop her from finishing her first dance.

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"Truly, as a bride, no fire was going to stop me from finishing my first dance. No fire, no wind nor rain could ever stop us from enjoying the night," she added.

The news comes after 'best man' was branded an "a**ehole" after his comment about a busty bridesmaid was picked up by the groom's microphone.

It took a moment for the smiling groom to decide to chastise his friend for not realising that he was wearing a microphone and that everything said was being recorded.

The clip has generated more than 7,000 comments as viewers all weighed in on the best man's remarks.


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