New sustainable cider is helping reduce carbon footprint – and 80% prefer taste

New sustainable cider is helping reduce carbon footprint – and 80% prefer taste

July 8, 2021

A new apple cider drink with sustainability at its core is helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

The eco-friendly Inch's tipple, said to be one of the most sustainable on the market, is made using only British red apples grown and sourced within 40 miles of the Herefordshire mill where it's concocted.

To keep the cider making process as sustainable as possible, all apple waste at the Inch’s site is repurposed and converted into green energy, to be used again.

It’s also gluten free and vegan friendly, making it bang on trend.

But it's not just a green enterprise – it promises to be big on flavour too.

Billed as being perfectly balanced between sweet and dry, the medium cider is lightly sparkling with a fresh apple aroma, candy fruit taste and subtle hint of vanilla.

Four out of five (80%) 18–34-year-olds apparently prefer the taste of Inch's cider to leading competitors.

Inch’s Marketing Director, Rachel Holms, said: “We’re delighted to launch our delicious new cider – Inch’s – and are not only incredibly proud of its perfectly blended taste but everything that goes into making it too.

"Someone once said do the little things right and the big things take care of themselves, and that’s exactly what we do with Inch’s. ”

“From sourcing to sustainability, we are progressive cider makers on a mission to do things properly in pursuit of a great tasting British cider that goes that little bit further to do the right thing.

"In doing so, we hope Inch’s becomes the cider of the summer and can’t wait to have people drinking it at pubs, bars, barbecues and picnics across the country!”

Inch’s ciders are 4.5% ABV. They are available in a single pack of 500ml bottles and a four and 10 pack of 440ml cans in major supermarkets and convenience stores in the UK.

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