New supermarket comparison tool will tell you where to find cheapest groceries including B&M, Aldi and Tesco

New supermarket comparison tool will tell you where to find cheapest groceries including B&M, Aldi and Tesco

June 22, 2021

A NEW supermarket comparison tool tells shoppers where they can find the cheapest groceries from shops including B&M, Aldi and Lidl. compares the prices of 130,000 products across 14 major supermarkets and lets shoppers know which shop is selling it for less.

It has replaced MySupermarket, which closed down last year, and says it can help shoppers save up to 30% on their weekly big shop.

The tool is free to use. Simply type what you’re looking for into the search bar at the top of the website.

Hit enter, and you’ll see a list of items flash up, along with how much they cost.

So for example, if you want to find out which shop sells Warburtons bread for less, type this into the search engine and click on the loaf you want.

A list of prices will be listed alongside the bread, in order of which shop is selling it for the most, and which is flogging it for the least.

To test it out, The Sun put together a shopping list of eight items and compared prices using the new tool.

We saved a total of £5.52 by shopping around.

However, we found it could be time-consuming figuring out which shop was selling own-brand items, like milk, for less.

This is because you have to search through the database yourself and compare the cost of each product.

It was much easier comparing prices of big brand items like Cathedral City cheese and Finish dishwasher tablets.

You’d also have to split your weekly shop across multiple stores to get the best deals, so it might not be convenient for many time-strapped shoppers.

But it’s helpful to know where to head to if you want to get a good price on more expensive items on your shopping list.

Here’s the list of shops that we found were flogging the cheapest grocery staples including milk, bread, coffee and cleaning supplies.

Skimmed milk (4pt/2l)

We found it was trickier to compare prices on own-brand items, such as milk.

This is because you have to search and compare prices on these products yourself.

But we found that the least expensive milk was being sold at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Morrisons and Tesco for £1.09.

Co-op’s milk was the most expensive at £1.50 – which would mean you could make a 41p saving by shopping around.

  • Asda: £1.09
  • Waitrose: £1.15
  • Sainsbury’s: £1.09
  • Aldi: £1.09
  • Morrisons: £1.09
  • Tesco: £1.09
  • Co-op: £1.50
  • Iceland: £1.15

Saving: 41p

Warburtons Medium Sliced White Bread (400g)

Sainsbury’s is selling this Warburtons loaf for the cheapest price at 85p, while Co-op and Asda are both flogging it for the most at 95p.

You'd make a 10p saving by heading to Sainsbury's:

  • Sainsbury’s: 85p
  • Iceland: 89p
  • Tesco: 90p
  • Morrisons: 90p
  • Ocado: 90p
  • Co-op: 95p
  • Asda: 95p

Saving: 10p

Finish All in 1 Max Lemon dishwasher tablets (60 tablets)

We saved £1 by comparing prices on these Finish dishwasher tablets.

To get the best deal, head to Morrisons where they’re £8.

They’re the most expensive at the Co-op, which is selling them for £9.

Only four supermarkets stocked the right sized packs we were looking for.

  • Morrisons: £8
  • Sainsbury’s: £8
  • Ocado: £8
  • Co-op: £9

Saving: £1

Kenco Smooth Instant Coffee (100g)

B&M came top of the leaderboard when it came to the best-priced coffee.

It was selling 100g jars of Kenco instant coffee for £2.49, while Morrisons was flogging it for the most at £3.25.

You’d make a saving of 76p by shopping around.

  • B&M: £2.49
  • Asda: £2.50
  • Iceland: £2.50
  • Ocado: £2.50
  • Sainsbury’s: £2.50
  • Tesco: £3
  • Co-op: £3
  • Morrisons: £3.25

Saving: 76p

Cathedral City Mature Cheese (350g)

Depending on where you shop, you could be forking out £1.50 more for a 350g pack of Cathedral City cheese.

While Morrisons and B&M is flogging it for the cheapest price at £2.50, the Co-op is selling it for £4.

  • Morrisons: £2.50
  • B&M: £2.50
  • Tesco: £2.59
  • Asda: £2.59
  • Ocado: £2.60
  • Iceland: £3
  • Waitrose: £3.50
  • Sainsbury’s: £3.50
  • Co-op: £4

Saving: £1.50

Walkers Classic Variety Multipack Crisps (12 pack)

Looking for a lunchbox filler? You’ll want to go to Tesco, Iceland or Sainsbury’s to get these Walkers multipack crisps packets for £2.50.

They were 50p more expensive at the Co-op and Morrisons – they’re both selling them for £3.

  • Tesco: £2.50
  • Iceland: £2.50
  • Sainsbury’s: £2.50
  • Ocado: £2.95
  • Asda: £2.95
  • Morrisons: £3
  • Co-op: £3

Saving: 50p

Pink Lady apples (6 pack)

Again, we found comparing price on supermarket own-brand products like Pink Lady apples trickier as opposed to searching for big brand items.

But if you’re prepared to search through the database yourself, you could make a 85p saving on these packs of apples.

You’ll get them for less at Asda for £2, while they’ll cost you £3 at the Co-op

  • Asda: £2
  • Ocado: £2.21
  • Aldi: £2.39
  • Sainsbury’s: £2.50
  • Waitrose: £2.85
  • Co-op: £3

Saving: £1

Anchor Block Butter (250g)

Morrisons was listed as the supermarket selling Anchor butter for the best price at £1.65.

It would cost 25p more if you bought it from the Co-op, which is selling it for £1.90.

  • Morrisons: £1.65
  • Waitrose: £1.70
  • Asda: £1.70
  • Ocado: £1.70
  • Tesco: £1.70
  • Iceland: £1.80
  • Sainsbury’s: £1.85
  • Co-op: £1.90

Saving: 25p

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