Nelly Defends Carrie Ann Inaba Amid DWTS Judge Bullying Claims:  'Leave My Girl Alone!' (Exclusive)

Nelly Defends Carrie Ann Inaba Amid DWTS Judge Bullying Claims: 'Leave My Girl Alone!' (Exclusive)

November 11, 2020

It’s getting hot in there…

She may be the “enemy of his enemy” — but defending Carrie Ann Inaba is no Dilemma to Nelly.

The rapper has jumped to the defense of the “Dancing With The Stars” judge, even though her perceived harsher criticism of his competition rivals is giving him an advantage.

Inaba has been accused of being extra tough on Kaitlyn Bristowe and her partner Artem Chigvintsev… possibly because she and the Russian pro have a romantic history.

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But speaking while on a night out in LA on Wednesday, Nelly told the haters to back off.

“She’s just doing her job. Carrie Ann’s sweet. Yo, she’s so dope. Carrie Ann is an ex Fly Girl. You can never be mad at an ex Fly Girl. You know what I’m saying? Nah, they gotta leave my girl alone.”

Both Nelly — who is paired with Daniella Karagach — and Kaitlyn have already seen off more than half of the competition, and are in the final six couples vying for the season 29 Mirrorball Trophy.

“I just want to win at the end of the day so I know it’s a competition,” Nelly added, “but it’s never nothing personal. She’s so sweet. All of the judges is dope.”

“I mean you know it’s a competition, so you upset about what you thinking, but it’s not personal. Carrie Ann is dope. All of them is dope. You know what I mean? Nah it’s cool — she’s sweet.”

Inaba dated Chigvintsev for almost three years before they split in 2009; she revealed on last week’s “The Talk” that she is being bullied over how she supposedly comes down on her ex.

“I still get bullied. Right about this time is when people start to bully me because of the way I judge people,” she said. “I can’t believe it still happens as adults.”

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“I want to tell people who bully: it doesn’t make me change the way I judge. I’m not about to change because you try to bully me. It only makes me stand stronger in my convictions and what I believe in.”

Nevertheless, she went from deducting points last week over a missed lift, to awarding a perfect 10 this week, along with a standing ovation.

After Monday night’s show, Inaba pointed to another possible element adding to the drama: Bachelor Nation.

“I think it’s hysterical. You know what I love though? This is what I love about the ‘Bachelor’ fans and ‘Bachelorette’ fans. They can create a story around it!” she said, per Us Weekly. “And it’s weird because I totally understood what they were doing.”

“They’re like, there’s jealousy there and there’s this and that because that’s what theBachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ is all about, right? It’s about creating stories about everybody.”

She continued: “Look, I love Artem, I respect him, I love him and Nikki [Bella] together. I love that they just had their little baby Matteo. We’ve had Nikki on ‘The Talk’, I’m a huge fan. There’s nothing but love and I thought it was hysterical. So none of it bothers me. I know that people are passionate about ‘Dancing With the Stars’. They’re passionate about who they’re voting for. I love that.”

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“I will not stand for bullying of me or anyone. I will not. We’ve had enough of it in our country. I’m sick of it. I’m never gonna stand for that, I’m never gonna support it. But I am OK with passion and I am OK with discussion.”

Inaba also hinted that the editing of DWTS also might be helping fuel the drama, too.

“Kaitlyn’s been a great dancer from day one. Great dancer. I’ve said it every week despite what some of the clips show. I actually have said it every week how good she is, but I’m always gonna push people on our show to be better.”

The “In Living Color” alum said it didn’t matter how good dancers were at the start of the competition: they needed to show “some sort of growth and evolution.”

“As a female dancer, I tend to push women a little harder because I understand it from their perspective, so I know exactly what I’m pushing for because I can feel it from them that they’re so close to it. And I know it was hard and I know that they were frustrated but it happens all the time.”

She added: “I don’t take it personally. If I took things personally I couldn’t be a good judge! I have to not listen to what everybody’s saying about me because it’s not about me. I’m a judge. I’m there to help them.”

Either way, one thing is for certain — Nelly’s got her back.

“Y’all leave my girl alone man,” he told the fans. “She’s dope, and she’s a Fly Girl. You can’t boo a Fly Girl.”

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