‘My twins were conceived 6 days apart – I think that’s why they’re different’, says Frankie Essex

‘My twins were conceived 6 days apart – I think that’s why they’re different’, says Frankie Essex

February 12, 2023

Frankie Essex has revealed that her twins were conceived six days apart.

The mum-of-two shared the news with OK! as she prepares for Logan and Luella to celebrate their first birthday in the next few weeks.

The two youngsters are non-identical twins and look very different to one another, and 35 year old Frankie thinks she knows why.

“Some boy and girl twins can look like each other in that you can tell that they’re brother and sister, but Logan and Luella don’t look alike at all. I think it’s because they were conceived at different times,” the TOWIE star told us.

“When we went for our eight week scan, Logan had a heartbeat and was a full embryo and Luella had just got her heartbeat. She was six days behind him. Basically I was already pregnant and then I fell pregnant again. We could have just ended up with Logan. It’s not 100%, but I think that’s why the twins are so different.”

Frankie further explained: “Also when we had our scan and told us we were having twins, the nurse said: ‘Don’t get excited, you could get a vanishing twin’. This means you can lose one in the womb and that’s why the NHS gives you a 12 week scan because by then you know if both babies have formed. So, Luella had just got her heartbeat at eight weeks, but she might not have made it.

"That’s why I didn’t tell anyone about it. I didn’t tell my family or anything until I was 25 weeks pregnant until I was 100% that they’d both survived."

“That first 25 weeks is so major. A lot of people have stillborns around that 20-25 week period, so I really held on to make sure that they were both okay," she added.

She added: “Luke and I were so intrigued when we found out that Luella was six days behind – and the fact we were having twins. We were terrified after that for ages. We didn’t know Luella was a girl at the time either and I was always panicking about the other twin. But now she’s absolutely fine!”

Twins typically occur when two eggs are present in the womb at fertilisation or when one egg splits into two separate embryos.

However, it's thought that what Frankie experienced is called superfetation – and it’s extremely rare.

This happens when “an egg is released from a woman's ovary after she may be pregnant already, and implants alongside the first embryo in the uterus some time later”, writesPeople.

Logan and Luella will celebrate their first birthday in May.


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