‘My sexy OnlyFans content is saving couples’ marriages – I go the extra mile’

‘My sexy OnlyFans content is saving couples’ marriages – I go the extra mile’

November 30, 2021

A model has claimed her sexy OnlyFans content is helping to save couples' marriages.

Amber Sweetheart, known online as The Sexting Queen says she believes her work is 'just as important as that of a psychologist'.

The model says she does 'a lot more than just sexting', as she also talks about 'deep things' with her OnlyFans subscribers – who she calls her 'boyfriends'.

"A lot of times a husband will sign up for my content and soon later he will tell me things got more exciting in the bedroom with his wife because of me," she said.

"I work on people's self-esteem and we talk about their day and aspirations and work through that.

"I believe the work I do is much like that of a psychologist."

Continuing to chat about her work, Amber added: "I do much more than just sexting, my work is so much more deep that just sending sexy messages.

"I have a connection with all of my boyfriends, we talk about deep things and everything bothering them, we work through problems and self-esteem issues.

"I would like to think I’m more than just a companion.

"I like to go the extra mile and have an actual online relationship with all of my clients.

"They know they are counting on me to vent about their day and troubles. Even about more deep issues from their childhood. Much like in therapy."

Amber previously opened up about her 'legion of boyfriends' – saying that she 'genuinely loves every one of them'.

"I have a legion of online boyfriends who I really care about," she said.

I genuinely love every single one of them, I know them on such a deep level and I truly see them as my boyfriends."

Amber also revealed that she earns £71,000 every month teaching other people how to orgasm online.

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