My partner has no DIY skills and can’t do anything manly

My partner has no DIY skills and can’t do anything manly

September 2, 2020

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner can’t do anything manly. He has no DIY skills such as decorating, plumbing, or taking things apart.

I was brought up with men who could do anything.

Don’t get me wrong – he’ll do general cleaning, but I don’t need that. I’m a woman of 39 and he is 41.

We’ve been together for four years.

He constantly tells me how much he loves me and wants to marry me but I have such mixed feelings.

I can’t stand him being so lovey-dovey.

I feel as though I’m only with him because finishing our relationship would hurt him.

This is making me stressed and snappy.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Some women complain because their man shows affection through doing DIY and they never get a cuddle.

Both behaviours are usually learned from our parents.

It could be a shame to end a loving relationship, so why not be less rigid and both learn some new skills?

Decorate a room together or you build shelves while he puts new fronts on the kitchen cabinets. There’s so much info online.

But don’t stay with him out of pity. You will only end up feeling more resentful.

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