My lover lied about being on the Pill and now she's baby-trapped me

My lover lied about being on the Pill and now she's baby-trapped me

March 14, 2022

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD a one-night stand but I think the woman trapped me and got pregnant. I didn’t even want a girlfriend, let alone a family.

And how can I even be sure the baby is real — or mine?

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I’m a single guy of 28 and I supply vending machine coffee. I regularly visit a distribution centre and the receptionist there is gorgeous.

She’s 23 and is always so bright and cheery with a sexy smile.

I’ve always found it easy to pull girls, although I’ve never had a long-term girlfriend.

Recently, I received an invitation to my cousin’s wedding, with a plus one. I couldn’t think of anyone to ask so with just over a week to go, I threw caution to the wind and asked this receptionist.

I was so relieved when she agreed.

Arriving to pick her up I thought I’d won the lottery She walked out to my car, looking like a supermodel in a long red, figure-hugging dress.

After drinking and dancing the night away, we were all over one another.

She wanted sex so I went to get a condom, but she said: “Don’t worry, it’s covered. I’m on the Pill.”

The sex was off the scale and we carried on until early morning. She asked whether this was a one-off and I said I wasn’t into anything serious.

Some weeks later I saw a missed call on my phone from her. When I called her back, she told me she was pregnant.

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I went mad. I’ve told her I was never out to get a girlfriend, let alone a kid.

I’m in a mess. I’ve got to tell my family and I don’t even know if the child is mine.

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DEIDRE SAYS: She may not have intentionally trapped you. So many things can affect the efficacy of the Pill. If she continues with the pregnancy, that’s her choice.

You didn’t ask for this, but could this be the right time to ease off your playboy lifestyle?

You are attracted to her so why not talk about developing the relationship? You may get along well out of the bedroom too.

Even if you decide you don’t want a relationship with her, if the child is yours, you are responsible financially and preferably emotionally too.

Even if you aren’t going to be together, there’s no reason not to be a good dad.

You can find help in getting a confidential, court-approved DNA test after the birth via Cellmark (, 0800 036 2522).

My support pack Standing Up For Yourself will help you to talk to your family.

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