‘My husband is so tight he makes me buy him two pints for every wine glass’

‘My husband is so tight he makes me buy him two pints for every wine glass’

December 4, 2021

When you're out boozing with your mates and getting the rounds in, there are certain rules.

You might offer to buy a round of drinks, then on the next one you don't have to pay a thing.

But what do you do if your drink is more expensive than the other person's?

One woman found herself in a situation with her husband who she believes is being tight.

Posting on popular parenting website Mumsnet, the woman revealed how she's a wine drinker, while her partner prefers pints.

She said: "My husband gets the hump with me when we go to the pub.

"I order my favourite wine and it can cost between £6-£8 for a large glass depending on where we are. His pint is usually £3-£5."

She added: "He is a tight a*** and I'm trying to come to terms with it.

"But I wonder if I should order a small glass or a cheaper drink when he's paying and order what I want when I pay.

"He (half jokingly, I hope) said that I should buy him two pints when it's my round to make up for it.

"I told him that was ridiculous, but is it?"

Fortunately for the woman, many Mumsnet users were quick to jump to her defence.

One said: "He's quibbling over about £3-4 per round, and would prefer you to have a drink you don't want.

"I could not stand this level of meanness. Next time, order a bottle and tell him to buy his own.

"Does he split a packet of ready salted one crisp at a time too?"

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Another added: "That's really tight! I wouldn't expect spirits to be part of a round but wine is fine."

A third continued: "It seems very petty with a partner, I can't imagine being in that scenario to comment."

While a fourth claimed she has a friend who does this.

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