‘My husband beat me for four hours ans threatened to turn me into ‘fish food’

‘My husband beat me for four hours ans threatened to turn me into ‘fish food’

August 12, 2019

A terrified woman has spoken out about the horrific abuse she faced at the hands of her husband, including a day when he trapped her inside their home and beat her for four hours, threatening to turn her into 'fish food'.

Lynn Rusling was punched and kicked by her Blackpool DJ husband after he became obsessed with the idea of her having affairs.

Earlier this month he admitted assault but walked free from court with a suspended sentence.

Mum of one Lynn, 41, says: "I think it’s disgusting that he wasn’t jailed. He could have killed me. I am still traumatised by that night – but I have an overwhelming sense of relief too, that he is out of my life for good.

"The irony is, despite him constantly accusing me of having affairs, I never want another man in my life! I am just so happy being single."

The couple met in 2012 when Dean was visiting one of her neighbours. They moved in together after two months, and married in 2014.

Lynn says: “Dean was a DJ, working on Blackpool prom, so he had all the patter. He was charming and full of flattery and we got on well.

“We were happy together, but Dean was always very possessive. If I mentioned another man’s name, he would quiz me. He was always accusing me of being unfaithful and yet I never was.

“He drank quite a bit but of course that was part of his job, in the entertainment business.

“But when he was drunk, he could be very aggressive. He blamed it on his drinking and promised to get help.

“For a while, things were good between us. But then, his jealousy got the better of him again.”

At the end of March this year, Lynn, a cleaning supervisor, arrived home to find Dean drunk at home, and angry after losing his job.

She says: “He was accusing me of sleeping with other men, calling me horrible names. It was really childish; there was no truth or basis to his claims at all.

“He accused me of sleeping with one of the maintenance men at work and of carrying on with the holidaymakers in their caravans in the resort.

“He was just insanely jealous.”

Dean’s temper spiralled out of control.

Lynn says: “We had a gas canister in the kitchen and he was threatening to blow up the whole house with us both inside. He was screaming at me to admit the affair and waving the canister in front of me.

“I tried to get out but he wouldn’t let me go; he was kicking and punching me. He said he would kill me and make me into ‘Blackpool fish food.’

“I felt my finger snap and the pain was horrific. He yanked a chain around my neck too, and I felt the metal cutting into my skin.

“I kept an eye on the door, looking for my chance.”

But it was four long and terrifying hours before she could make her escape.

Lynn dashed to a neighbour’s house and raised the alarm and Rusling was arrested.

She says: “I ran out into the street wearing just an old pair of boxer shorts and bare feet but I didn’t care. I just sobbed with relief that I was safe.”

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