Mum splits opinion as she demands teen daughter pay for lifts after she got job

Mum splits opinion as she demands teen daughter pay for lifts after she got job

June 25, 2022

Every parent knows there's a time where they become their children's cab drivers.

But with petrol prices surging in the UK, it's understandable for people to ask for fuel money.

Now one woman is in quite a dilemma as she plans to charge her teenage daughter for lifts.

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The mum explained her 19-year-old daughter receives regular lifts to uni and her friend's houses because she doesn't drive.

She also said in her previous job, she'd pick the teenager up from work three times a week from the city centre at around 11pm.

The woman wrote: "As you can imagine, it's not nice to be in the town especially at weekends when there's drinking going on.

"My daughter said before that she'd look for another job with more suitable hours as I didn't want to go into the town late at night.

"And I didn't like the thought of her waiting outside her place of work for a taxi, and not keen on her getting Ubers.

"Long story short, she's found another job she loves, but, again it's in the centre and she finishes even later, just after midnight.

"My daughter is already asking if I can pick her up but is happy to get an Uber if not."

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She said she doesn't want to sit at home worrying if her daughter would get in safely, but isn't keen on offering regular lifts either.

The mum added: "Am I being unreasonable to think sod it, she can pay half of what a taxi would cost if she wants me to pick her?

"Or should I suck it up and fetch her for free as I'm concerned about her getting home any other way?"

The parent began a fierce debate with some saying they wouldn't dream of charging their kids for lifts, while others would.

One said: "I wouldn't charge for lifts, but I also wouldn't commit to picking her up after midnight regularly."

The user added: "She needs to find a job to can her herself to and from in my opinion."

"She is getting paid so of course she should pay you", another suggested.

A third wrote: "I wouldn't agree to doing the lifts; she knows you don't like the 11pm one so it seems unfair to get an even later one.

"At the end of the day she is 19 and needs to be an adult about these things."

What would you do in this woman's situation? Let us know in the comments below…

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