Mum shares her 'clean flow chart' that leaves her home sparkling

Mum shares her 'clean flow chart' that leaves her home sparkling

January 12, 2023

Mum shares her secret ‘clean flow chart’ that leaves her home sparkling every week – but there was one chore that had people scratching their heads

  •  A mum has revealed exactly how she keeps on top of her cleaning duties
  • The mum said she made a flow chart of the jobs that need to be done daily
  • She then moves her way down the chart – as some jobs need to be done in order 

An Australian mum has revealed her ‘clean house flow chart’ and swears it helps keep her on top of her daily chores.

Posting the chart to a popular cleaning group on Facebook the mum said she ‘whipped up’ the chart to make sure she didn’t forget to do anything.

The impressive to do list includes decluttering, putting laundry on, doing the dishes and daily decluttering and selling of unused items.

A mum has revealed her list of cleaning jobs – but says she finds it easier to tackle them as a flow chart

These are all listed in order of when they should be done, with each area of the house separated by a ‘load of laundry’.

And people were thrilled with it.

‘I love a good list,’ one woman commented.

‘This is basically my routine once a week,’ said another. 

But some people were distracted by certain points on the list – including the fact she likes to mop out her bath.

‘Quick question on mopping the bath, is that a thing,’ one woman asked.

‘I have never heard of mopping a bath before,’ confirmed another. 

One person asked if the mop wouldn’t be dirtier than the bath, because it is used to clean the floor. 

The mum said while it may seem silly it’s the only way she can do it.

‘I have a bad back so I find the mop is a bit easier for me,’ she said. 

The mum does laundry between each list of jobs – as she has  a few loads to do every day

Others said they prefer to vacuum their baths because they are not used often and mostly have cobwebs or dust.

Some people questioned how the organised mum manages to stick to her list.

‘I would start the de clutter and then get distracted with something else that needs doing and so on. I have tried many different techniques but still can’t keep focused enough to do just one thing and finish it,’ one woman said.

And others agreed.

‘I would end up out in the garden,’ said another. 

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