Mum says she’s not washing her newborn for a month as soap can ‘dry his skin’

Mum says she’s not washing her newborn for a month as soap can ‘dry his skin’

May 20, 2022

A mum has sparked discussion after revealing that she's not washing her newborn son for a month.

Mum-of-four Shahnta Hoare, from Silverdale in Washington, US, gave birth to her son Ozzy Alexander earlier this month at home and has since been sharing her postpartum care on TikTok.

The 24-year-old said it was an intense but quick delivery and after giving birth, she didn't clean Ozzy and kept the vernix caseosa, which is essentially a white and creamy biofilm, covering his body.

She said: "So we actually don't give baths for the first month. What you see in the home birth video stayed on him until it just naturally came off.

"Vernix is actually very good to keep on the skin and it's super, super moisturising – it's almost like a little oily.

"But he had it in his neck creases, he had it in his ears, fingers, toes… it's the best.

"I know it maybe gross to someone but when it's your own baby, this stuff is so good. So he didn't get wiped and he won't get his first bath for many more weeks."

Shahnta claimed that soaps can dry out baby's delicate and fragile skin.

She told New York Post that the decision was made out of health benefits.

"It helps newborns regulate their body temperature with skin to skin, it gives a protective barrier and is an anti-microbial as well," she said.

But viewers don't agree with Shahnta's decision and they commented to share their thoughts.

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"I mean if it was so healthy and good for them, why would they wipe it off…" one wrote and another said: "My OCD wouldn't allow it, but to each their own. I love my baby to smell fresh and clean."

One who claimed to be a student midwife said: "What you are saying is what we do and recommend. Even the gunkiest babies look super clean by like two hours postpartum."

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