Mum says homework is ‘optional’ for son and doesn’t care if he gets bad grades

Mum says homework is ‘optional’ for son and doesn’t care if he gets bad grades

December 2, 2021

A mum has joked she is going to "be burnt" for her controversial parenting opinion – insisting homework is not necessary.

Lynn, who is on TikTok as @lynnandme, says she will never force her son to do homework and doesn't care if he gets C grades.

The mum argues he deserves more than two hours of play after school and says she cares more about her lad learning how to set boundaries than being stressed with schoolwork.

She explains: "Homework was always optional in my house.

"School to a kid is their 'full-time job' – and they’re kids and are learning and growing and developing.

"The last thing I want to teach my developing child is that he has to bring work home with him and work and have two hours of play a night.

"Are there consequences to not doing your homework? Yeah.

"Do I care if my son was a C student? Nope.

"Do I care that he knows how to set boundaries with people and things that demand his attention and balance his life and attention the fun and the work? Yeah."

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The mum's viewpoint was actually less divisive than she thought – with many parents totally agreeing that stressful amounts of homework was a bad idea.

Her video was watched more than 2 million times and thousands of people left comments, most supportive.

One said: "I agree with you 100% especially so young! They spend 6-8 hours in school… give them a break!"

A second commented: "I think this also helps with leaving work at work. I struggle with that growing up and always felt burnt out and miserable."

"In high school I was at school from 7am to 3pm and had at least four hours of homework each night. I cried ALL THE TIME."

But a critic wrote: “Sounds like you think school and even college is a joke. Why send him?"

Lynn wrote back: "I’m in grad school myself. I love college and school.

"I just want my kid to be a kid as well as educated."

Another viewer said: "I'm on the fence about that… There are plenty of jobs that require you to bring work home with you…So homework does teach discipline/responsibility."

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