Mum paints incredible moon and forest mural on her unborn son's bedroom wall

Mum paints incredible moon and forest mural on her unborn son's bedroom wall

June 13, 2020

Please send all virtual DIY points to Rebecca Jeffrey, 28.

Rebecca has just unveiled the end result of a three-day project: a stunning hand-painted mural on her unborn son’s bedroom wall.

The mum wanted to put her time in lockdown to good use, so spend hours carefully painting a moon and forest scene ahead of her son’s arrival in September.

Rebecca, of Folkestone, Kent, said: ‘This is our rainbow baby. We had a miscarriage a couple of years ago so I just wanted to do something really special for when he arrives.

‘We already have a five-year-old daughter, Orla, so we got her involved with it as well.

‘Orla, my husband and me painted the other walls in his room and then I did the feature wall freehand.

‘I really liked the idea of a night sky theme, and I decided to paint a snowy forest and mountains to add a bit more of a story.

‘I thought it would be quite a calming design for him, and something that will interest him for years to come.’

Rebecca, who works as a support worker for adults with challenging behaviour, studied art in school and then went on to do a foundation diploma in art and design at college – so she knows her stuff.

When she shared photos of the mural online, she received more than 33,000 likes and comments from people blown away by her work.

The mum added: ‘It was so lovely seeing everyone’s comments, because I’ve always known I’ve been okay at art but sometimes you don’t believe that your quite good enough.

‘Hearing people say that they’d pay for that in they’re own rooms was amazing.’

Rebecca is now considering creating art pages specifically for her work, with a view to doing some paid work for people in the future.

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