Mum makes DIY 'magic fireplace' to make sure Santa can deliver his presents

Mum makes DIY 'magic fireplace' to make sure Santa can deliver his presents

December 22, 2020

A creative mum built her four-year-old daughter an impressive ‘magic fireplace’ to ensure Santa can still visit their home and deliver presents this year.

Little Luella Miller, worried Father Christmas wouldn’t visit as her family home doesn’t have a fireplace.

But mum Kierstyn Miller, who is from Greensburg, Indiana, set about solving this problem. She gathered empty cardboard boxes, and other material she found around the home, to make a special fireplace.

The best thing is that they created the crafty structure as a team. The clever mum and daughter duo taped material together, mixed colours of finger paint and brushed it over squares of card to create ‘bricks’.

‘I used the foam board on the back and attached everything to it because it was pretty thick and sturdy,’ says Kierstyn.

‘For the actual cardboard parts, I covered one part in white wrapping paper and then added the bricks and wrapped the other part in red Kraft paper before gluing the bricks to some envelopes and attaching them.’

Kierstyn had to let the design dry overnight but, by the morning, Luella was amazed by the stunning creation.

‘I always like to give her major credit because she really enjoys helping and she is a pretty good little helper,’ Kierstyn says.

‘I am really happy with how it turned out. There are a few things I would do differently if I ever made another one and there are a few places on the fireplace that could use a little improvement, but Lu loves it and that’s all that really matters.

‘I plan on using it for future Christmases, as long as it doesn’t get banged up too bad.’

The project took somewhere between 20-30 hours to complete, and only cost her $3.00 (£2.24) for the poster boards and the foam board since everything else she already had at home.

While Kierstyn did most of the building herself, she said her husband was really supportive throughout the process as well.

And now, little Luella can rest easy on Christmas Eve, knowing Santa has a clear route to deliver her presents.

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