Mum ditches house to live ‘off-grid’ with kids in £1.8k caravan and saves loads

Mum ditches house to live ‘off-grid’ with kids in £1.8k caravan and saves loads

January 10, 2022

A divorced mum-of-two decided to take drastic action to banish "intense" financial pressure.

Lindsay Bank, who is originally from Newcastle, snapped up a £1,800 caravan on Facebook's marketplace to live in.

The 41-year-old has saved a fortune by leaving her three-bed semi behind her in favour of a life on the road.

Since she made the switch to go "off grid", she's slashed her monthly bills from £1,000 a month to £250 in land rent.

The Mirror reports that Lindsay now lives in her caravan in York with her two children, who are aged seven and 10.

The self-employed writer, who is on Universal Credit, said: “The houses I was looking at cost £800 a month plus bills. I was paying about £140 a month to heat my three-bed semi… the financial pressure was intense."

Lindsay added: “There were some landlords that just said no because I am self-employed. I felt discriminated against and thought, ‘Why am I working so hard to pay into a system that feels broken anyway?’”

“Since I’ve moved on site I’ve gone through one Calor gas bottle that cost £60.

“We have mains electric that goes straight into the caravan and I have a lovely electric heater that is 2,000 watts at its max. The cost of electric is included in the rent of £60 a week.

“I don’t have the money to buy my own site right now, but I’m working towards that.”

The savvy mum isn't the only one to ditch her home in favour of a camper van.

Ailsa Gardner quit city life in Liverpool to convert a giant American school bus.

The 33-year-old embarked on the adventure with her boyfriend Paul, 37.

They converted the large vehicle and added a hot shower, washing machine, flatscreen TV, double bed, wood burners, fridge and stove.

Meanwhile, a woman turned a run-down van into a stunning motorhome – and she now lives in it.

Hatti Webster is a full-time traveller who has been living in the campervan since April, which has taken her through the French Alps.

Good on them!

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