Mum caught her husband cheating – while she was sick in hospital

Mum caught her husband cheating – while she was sick in hospital

March 15, 2022

Mother reveals how her cheating husband ‘sexted his mistress’ while she was in hospital facing possible leg amputation and then enjoyed a date at a stately home while she hobbled through the school run

  • Danielle Reid, 31, from Bradford, thought her marriage was a happy one 
  • But after an injury which could have cost her leg, her husband neglected her
  • One evening,  she asked to see his phone, and saw he’d been sexting a woman
  • She realised that the pair had been swapping racy pics while she was in hospital 

A mother-of-two says she caught her husband sexting another woman –  while she was in hospital with a leg injury, fearing she may lose the limb.

According to Danielle Reid, 31, from Bradford, she discovered racy snaps and videos that had been sent from her 35-year-old husband Karl’s phone to a woman he described as a ‘friend’.

Although Karl claims the messages were only ‘banter’, the discovery led to the breakdown of the couple’s marriage, with Danielle saying she will ‘never forget’ discovering that he sent the images while she was in hospital.

The 31-year-old initially injured herself in October 2019, when she was enjoying a rare evening out with friends while Karl looked after their children, Michael, now 10, and Amber, seven.

But while she was dancing, she fell over, badly injuring her knee, and struggling to breathe through the pain. 

Speaking about his relationship ending, Karl admits that he was sending explicit pictures to a woman at work while Danielle was in hospital and ‘feels bad about it’, but claims it was ‘banter rather than sexting’.

Karl and Danielle Reid (pictured) met in 2011, then married four years later in 2015, after having two children

The couple, pictured with their children Amber and Michael, had their ups and downs, but overall Danielle thought they were happy

Danielle’s knee after she fell over and cut herself. The injury led to sepsis – putting her at risk of losing the limb

The agony was so intense, her friends suggested she go to hospital, while they contact her husband Karl.

But despite the severity of the injury, according to Danielle, her once-close husband seemed uninterested.  After she got home from the hospital, her husband barely took any notice of her. 

She later discovered he had been busy sending explicit pictures to a ‘female friend’, who he later met up with for a walk at a stately home while she hobbled through the school run.  

The pair had met 11 years earlier, when Danielle was working behind a bar. Karl asked for her number, and they started dating. 

Within a year, they were engaged, and soon had their two children, before getting married in July 2015.

Although the relationship had its ups and downs, including Danielle discovering Karl was cheating, by the Summer of 2019, the couple was closer than ever and even planning to have a third baby.

But by October, after Danielle injured herself on the night out, everything had changed.           

‘I needed Karl to be my rock but he didn’t even offer to make me a brew,’ she said.

Less than a day later, the injury had worsened, and Danielle had to return to hospital. It was here she learnt she had early onset sepsis – which meant she was at risk of losing her leg.

Following a seven-hour course of intravenous antibiotics, doctors said the limb was safe, and Danielle returned home with more medication and crutches.

Danielle and Karl, who were together for around 10 years, initially had a close and loving relationship (pictured here on their wedding day in 2015)

But when she returned home, Karl once again failed to support her, and instead accused her of ‘making a meal’ out of the pain when asked to help with childcare and housework.

Over the next few weeks, Danielle’s injury continued to improve, until finally she was able to exercise again. One evening, almost a month after the accident, she went out to a dance class.

It was upon her return that she suddenly realised something wasn’t right. Entering the house, Karl was too busy looking at his phone to acknowledge her.  

Danielle demanded he show her his mobile.       

‘I thought I detected a flicker of panic flash across Karl’s face,’ she said, ‘but he passed his phone across the table and I clicked into his messages.

‘I felt the bile rise in my throat as my worst fears were confirmed. Karl thought he’d deleted the racy pictures but I found a string of them saved in his WhatsApp images.’

Danielle met Karl while she was working at a local bar. After she gave him her number, their relationship progressed quickly, and they were engaged within a year

Karl, pictured with one of his children as a baby, was the one who suggested the couple should expand their brood and have a third child

Among the snaps were images of Karl in the bath and shower, as well as a video he’d taken of himself lifting weights while naked.   

At first, he lied that the images were for her, and that he had planned to send them, then changed his mind. But when Danielle pointed out that she could tell they had already been sent to someone, he admitted they were for a female ‘friend’.   

After screaming at her husband to get out, the pair spent several weeks apart, though Danielle admits she ‘hoped Karl would fight for [her]’.

But she soon changed her mind after logging onto her computer and realising Karl’s email account was still attached to it, with a timeline linked to his mobile phone.  

‘That’s when I realised he had sent his mistress explicit photos while I lay in hospital,’ she explained.

Happier times: the couple met in 2011, when Danielle worked behind a bar, and Karl asked for her number and they started dating

Despite the couple’s once close bond, Karl betrayed his wife, by sending naughty pictures and videos – including nude clips of himself weight lifting – to another woman

‘I’d been terrified I would lose my leg but all Karl had been thinking about was getting his leg over.’

She added: ‘It was almost too much to bear, but there was more. Karl’s Gmail location services revealed that while I was hobbling my way through the school run, he was enjoying a leisurely walk around the grounds of an Elizabethan manor house with his other woman.

‘It should have been a 20-minute trip but it took me an agonising hour-and-a-half. I was fuming.’

However, when four months later, in February 2020, when Karl said he wanted to work on the marriage, she was torn.

Despite the couple agreeing to go to counselling, Danielle discovered Karl was still in touch with his mistress, and ended the relationship.

The pair are now divorcing, with adultery cited as the reason for the marriage breaking down.  

Danielle said: ‘I’m moving on. But I’ll never forget the day I discovered those saucy snaps he’d sent while I was laid up in hospital.’ 

When approached for comment about the end of the relationship, Karl said: ‘I was talking to a woman at work. Yes of course I feel bad about it, but there’s a context to it. Of course I feel bad about talking to someone else. After she threw me out she wonders why I didn’t come back.’

He said he’d described the messages as ‘banter’, adding sexting is too strong of a word.

When asked if he sent explicit images to another woman while his wife was in hospital, fearing she’s lose her leg, he said: ‘Yeah, something like that’ and regarding his wife filing for divorce on the grounds of adultrey, he said: ‘Yeah, I think that’s what she put down.’

‘Go ahead with what she’s said. Print what you want, I’m not a***d,’ he added.  

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